GN Solids Control has solid-liquid separation equipment to a river dredging project in North America

Last week, two units of the remarkable GNLW764A decanter centrifuge made their way to the project site. This centrifuge, an ingenious creation from GN Solids Control‘s research and development team, belongs to the esteemed 760mm series. With an impressive length-to-diameter ratio of 4.2:1, it stands as a testament to engineering excellence. Its generously-sized drum enables the processing of substantial volumes, making it an ideal solution for various applications such as shield tunneling slurry treatment and municipal wastewater management. In this particular endeavor, the centrifuge will play a crucial role in efficiently handling river dredging operations.

Complementing this advanced centrifuge are two units of the GNZS706F shale shaker, a masterpiece devised in-house. With a substantial screen area of 4.6㎡, this double-deck screen cleverly segregates particles based on their size. The upper deck addresses the removal of coarser particles, utilizing specialized smaller mesh sizes, while the lower deck further refines the separation process through the effective use of larger mesh sizes. This innovative vibrating screen delivers exceptional primary screening capabilities, effortlessly separating solid particles of 100 microns or more.


In addition, the project will benefit immensely from the significant contributions of two GNZS703F-2S Desilters and two GNZS703F-12N Desanders. These exceptional units feature wear-resistant polyurethane cones, ensuring longevity and durability. The desilters primarily function as reliable separators for solid particles above the size range of 40-60 microns. Meanwhile, the desanders ingeniously tackle particles ranging from 20-40 microns. Following the meticulous treatment provided by these impressive desilters and desanders, only fine particles ultimately reach the centrifuge, ensuring optimal performance and extending the equipment’s operational lifespan.

To facilitate efficient material transportation and maintain an environmentally conscious work site, twelve robust Screw Conveyors will be deployed. These conveyors, purpose-built for waste material transportation, aptly collect the solid phase separated by the exceptional vibrating screens, desilters, desanders, and centrifuges. They deftly carry the collected material to the designated locations, ensuring a clean and orderly project site. Equipped with removable sealing plates or steel grid plates, these conveyors prioritize the safety of operations. Additionally, they can be customized to include pull-wire switches, delayed start functions, and emergency stop buttons on the control box, further enhancing their functionality and usability.

Committed to delivering comprehensive solutions, GN Solids Control is not just limited to offering exceptional solid-liquid separation equipment. As part of their extensive product range, they also offer advanced liquid supply equipment, including centrifugal sand pumps, submersible slurry pumps, screw pumps, and vacuum pumps.

For any requirements in this domain, GN Solids Control stands ready to provide top-notch equipment and expertise.