GN VIST triple negative pressure shale shaker to China Drilling Project

GN Solids Control has been committed to the design and equipment manufacturing of solid -liquid separation processing system for many years. Since its establishment, GN Solids Control has reached a long -term cooperative relationship with many well -known drilling companies, providing various solid -liquid separation processing equipment for customers each year, like decanter centrifuge/ shale shaker/ mud cleaner. With the advancement of the times, there are more and more methods of drilling mud recovery, and more and more effective. The GN Solids Control has followed the trend. 20-30%Recovery, while reducing drilling waste, saving new mud costs and the cost of transportation processing of waste.

By using it, the client may not need use vertical cutting dryer or decanter centrifuge for further waste treatment.

Last week, the VIST triple negative pressure shale shaker of the GN Solids Control was sold to a drilling company in China. The main working principle was to install a negative pressure suction cup under the last screen of the shaker. The frequency negative voltage pumping, realizing the dual separation of vibration and negative pressure, thereby increasing the recovery of drilling fluids and reducing the liquid content of the excreted drill chips.


The main characteristics are as follows:

1. Triple negative pressure shale shaker is fixed by a three negative voltage shale shaker on one front seat to meet the fast installation and handling needs. At the same time, it does not require an extra area to meet the requirements of drilling space.

2. GN VIST is formed by air -driven negative pressure and can be used in any explosion -proof environment.

3. Multi -selective, the negative pressure generator can control the three vibration sieves at the same time, or it can also control one. Customers can choose whether to use them according to on -site needs.

4. It can be changed to a negative voltage shale shaker for customers who already have conventional shale shaker, which are convenient and fast installation.

5. Use the GNZS595J model to shale shaker with 5 pcs screen nets. The processing volume has been significantly improved. Drill mud has been treated for a longer period of vibration on the mesh surface, and the rock chips are more dry.

6. Negative pressure shale shaker installation anti -splashing device to avoid drilling mud splashing, protect the site cleaning, and optimize the working environment of the operator.

If you have this need, please call GN Solids Control.