GN Solids Control sludge treatment system is ready to go to the sludge treatment site

In view of the current huge demand for sludge treatment market, but the equipment manufacturers are mixed, and many customers have paid for the equipment with high prices and failed to achieve the expected treatment effect, our company has launched a set of sludge treatment equipment. Based on laboratory data, customers with sludge treatment needs can rent this set of pilot equipment to complete the calculation of various indicators, optimization of bottleneck process routes, implementation of various cost estimates, selection of chemicals, energy consumption estimates data collection. Based on these data, if you order the sludge treatment system, the customer can be targeted and purchase a system that meets their own on-site treatment.

The set of oil sludge treatment equipment includes the following parts:

1. Pretreatment screening module

The pretreatment screening module is a key module for removing large particles and debris from the mixed sludge. This module uses a high-frequency shale shaker to remove out large particles and debris larger than 100 mm. The mixed sludge from which large particles and debris have been removed will enter the mixing and stirring heating device for further medicinal heating and homogeneous stirring.


2. Solid-liquid separation module

After the heated and homogeneously stirred oil sludge mixture enters a special sludge centrifuge for settling separation, solids with a particle size greater than 2-5 microns can be separated.

3. Three separation modules for water, oil and slag

After separation by two solid-liquid separation modules, the mixed liquid phase contains a small amount of solid residue and an oil-water mixture. The three-phase disc centrifuge produced by GN Solids Control can separate this part of the mixture into three phases of oil, water and slag. After treatment, the solid phase oil content is 1-2%, the treated water can reach 500-1000PPM, and the treated oil water content is 2-3%.

If you are troubled now that you cannot find a reliable sludge treatment solution, please contact us. We will provide you with professional technical service support and perfect pre-sale and after-sales service support.

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