GN Solids Control sludge treatment system is about to be sent to an oilfield environmental protection unit

Recently, GN Solids Control completed the design and manufacture of a sludge treatment unit for an oilfield environmental protection unit. Since the sludge treatment system was put on the market, it has received extensive attention from customers in the industry, and the feedback from the market on-site operation is good. More and more oilfield environmental protection business contractors use this system as an important solution to efficiently and economically reduce the content of harmful substances in sludge.

The oil sludge treatment system has two separation principles of chemical action and physical separation procedure, and consists of several modules with different functions to gradually recover the water and oil in the sludge. Here is an introduction to the system:

Sludge vacuum extraction module——The sludge from oil-based mud drilling cuttings has high viscosity and large sludge content, and requires a powerful and efficient conveying device to send sludge from the sludge pit to the sludge treatment system. GN Solids Control Sludge Vacuum Pump is a full pneumatic conveying pump without electrical components. It does not generate any sparks during use, and is especially suitable for oil and gas explosion-proof environments. The vacuum degree of 85Kpa can suck and discharge viscous sludge sludge to a long distance.

Pre-mixing module—Before the sludge is sent to the separation module, the material needs to be homogeneously mixed to a liquid content of more than 80%. At the same time, in order to enhance the separation effect of oil and mud, chemical agents need to be added during the homogeneous mixing process.

Separation module-GN Solids Control uses different separation equipment to separate oil and water from the sludge step by step. This design guarantees the continuity of the construction process, and the load of each step process is accurately calculated to avoid bottleneck processes. Shale shaker are used for two-phase separation of coarse solids and liquids. The centrifuge can remove most of the fine solids in the wastewater discharged by the shale shaker, so that the three-phase disc separator will not be overloaded when separating oil, water and ultra-fine solids. GN Solids Control innovatively arranges the swash plate sedimentation device between the centrifuge and the three-phase disc player to ensure that the three-phase disc machine works normally without blocking.

This set of sludge treatment system is very complete in configuration, covering almost all sludge separation equipment, and has very complete functions. Under the premise of ensuring complete functions, GN Solids Control has accurately designed the sludge system, so that all equipment is installed on 3 skids, which has the characteristics of compact structure and convenient transportation. More question welcome contact GN solids control

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