GN Solids Control mud purification system sent to a non-excavation construction site

Non-excavation construction is a horizontal drilling project applied to construction or infrastructure projects. During non-excavation construction, drilling mud needs to be used to ensure the performance of the non-excavation rig. To make drilling mud reusable and reduce drilling costs, contractors often use mud recovery systems to recover drilling mud.

GN Solids Control has more than ten years of experience in the design and manufacture of mud recovery systems. Especially in non-excavation projects, it has multiple bell compact mud systems available for customers to choose from. According to the different requirements of users and the site area limitation, GN Solids Control can provide different configurations of mud recovery devices to meet the requirements of different working conditions. There are usually two types of mud purification systems suitable for non-excavation construction: one is a sand removal cyclone purification system, and the other is a self-contained mud recovery system.

The desander system has a small footprint and is economical. The system consists of a cyclone and a shaker, both of which are mounted on a small collection tank. The sand removal cyclone purification system is a two-stage separation device whose function is to remove coarse particles from drilling mud. The sand removal cyclone purification system is mainly used in projects that can accept large-diameter solid drilling mud, such as piling projects.

GN Solids Control’s self-developed high-grade mud recovery system can be divided into four stages: coarse rock cuttings, sand, mud, and ultra-fine solids. The mud tank of the high-equipped mud recovery system is larger and has enough space to store the purified drilling mud. At the same time, it has more tank surface space for more separation and purification equipment. When the tank surface space is sufficient, the customer can also choose a centrifuge to reduce the ultra-fine solid phase in the drilling mud to avoid the ultra-fine solid phase from being concentrated in the drilling mud. GN Solids Control not only has standard model solids control system optional, but also provides custom designed mud recovery system for customers to purchase. If you have any such requirements, please feel free to contact us.

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