GN Solids Control offshore drilling mud tank system will be ready for shipment

A drilling mud tank system produced by GN Solids Control for offshore drilling platforms has been assembled at the factory and shipped to the customer site. GN Solids Control has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of mud systems, both standard and custom.

As we all know, the space of the offshore platform layout equipment is limited, the mud tank system is required to be compact in design, and the mud processing function is complete.


The offshore drilling mud tank system is a fully functional and independent design. It has all the necessary equipment to process the drilling mud step by step. According to different working principles, different materials are used to separate impurities of different particle sizes in the drilling mud.

Offshore drilling mud tank system equipment list

The shale shaker is a coarse cuttings removal device for drilling fluid with simple structure and adjustable vibration G force. GN Solids Control connects the main shaker unit and the underflow dry shaker unit to the mud cleaner, making the shaker system larger and reducing the footprint of the system, but ensuring flow.


The system has a centrifugal degasser to remove air that invades the drilling mud. The degasser can effectively remove air and ensure the performance of the mud. This also ensures that the sand pump has sufficient pressure to deliver the drilling mud to the mud cleaner cyclone.

A centrifuge is used to remove fine particles from the drilling mud. The GN Solids Control centrifuge is stable and easy to operate, meeting the needs of the drilling site. The material application of the rotating parts and the protective design of the consumable parts greatly extend the working time and reduce the maintenance cost.

GN Solids Control is also equipped with a screw conveyor to collect the waste from the above equipment. On the platform, collecting cuttings is also an important task due to limited space. For more information on offshore drilling mud tank systems, please feel free to contact us.

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