GN Solids Control vacuum pumps are sold to African markets

Recently, GN Solids Control completed the manufacture of bulk solid vacuum pumps for customers from Africa. With the wide range of applications, GN Solids Control solid-state vacuum pumps have received wide attention since the release of the news, and their performance has been recognized by users on site.

Features of the GN Solids Control solid vacuum pump:

Fully pneumatic drive – The solid vacuum pump is a complete air driven pump that needs to be connected to an air source. There are no electrical components on the pump that allow the pump to be used in certain areas where there is a flammable gas. Vacuum suction, positive pressure alternately discharge.

Widely used – solid vacuum pumps can be used to transport liquids, slurries, concentrated sludge and even solid powders and gravel. A typical use of this pump is to transport cuttings in a waste management system. Some customers install the pump on a mobile raft to complete the transfer from one site to another.


Low maintenance – This vacuum pump consists of a pipe manifold, valves and chambers. The cavity is used to store material, but there are no moving parts in the cavity, which greatly reduces the frequency of maintenance.

How to order GN solid vacuum pump

1. What is the material composition?

2. What is the fluidity of the materials?

3. What is the density of the material?

4. What is the height of inhalation and discharge?

5. What is the distance between inhalation and discharge?

6. What are the current difficulties in transportation?

7. Other materials and videos or other materials related to the site. For vacuum pumps for different applications, GN offers vacuum pumps of carbon steel or stainless steel 304 and 316. For more information on GN Solids Control conveyors, please feel free to contact us.

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