GN Solids Control Stack Vibrating Screen use for iron ore sorting processing projects

GN Solids Control, a leading manufacturer of solids control equipment, provides stacked vibrating screens for iron ore sorting and processing projects. With three factories in China and subsidiary companies in the United States and Russia, GN Solids Control offers solutions for industries such as mining, environmental protection, and municipal waste treatment. Same time GN can supply other separation equipment like Decanter Centrifuge and Shale Shaker.

The stacked vibrating screen, developed by GN Solids Control, utilizes the principle of dual-degree-of-freedom resonance and is designed to be driven by a single excitation source, achieving linear vibration throughout the entire machine. This equipment features unique vibration patterns, energy-saving operation, high screening efficiency, large processing capacity, advanced technology, simple structure, and stable and reliable performance, making it an advanced device in the field of ore material screening. The equipment is suitable for wet screening, grading, and dewatering operations in industries such as mineral processing and coal preparation, and can be customized with 2 to 5 layers based on site requirements.

The screen box of the vibrating screen is arranged in multiple layers. It utilizes two counter-rotating vibrating motors as the vibration source, causing the screen mesh inside the screen box to undergo overall linear vibration transmitted by the entire assembly. This vibration is then transmitted to the material on the screen, achieving the purpose of vibrating screening.

The vibrating motor adopts advanced imported vibration motor technology (such as Martin or OLI motors), ensuring reliable operation with long trouble-free running time. Compared to similar screens, the stacked vibrating screen has advantages such as a small footprint, high processing capacity per unit area, high screening efficiency, low power consumption, low dynamic load, simple operation, stable performance, durability, and low maintenance requirements. The surface of the vibrating screen undergoes sandblasting treatment and is coated with heavy-duty anti-corrosion paint, providing excellent corrosion resistance. The surface in contact with the material is protected by a sprayed polyurethane wear-resistant and anti-corrosion layer, extending the life of the screen.


The supplied stacked vibrating screens are specifically used for iron ore sorting and processing.

If you have any equipment needs for the mining industry, including vibrating screens, please feel free to contact GN Solids Control.