GN Solids Control Desander and Desilter are sent to a drilling company in China

GN Solids Control provides a large number of solid control system and waste treatment system products to customers worldwide every year. GN Solids Control shale shaker, as the main equipment for drilling fluid treatment, as a vital role in the separation and purification of coarse solid phase in drilling fluid. Some weeks ago, GN Solids Control successfully delivered several sets of drilling fluid shale shaker screens, Desander and desilter for a domestic drilling company.

1. GN Solids Control desander

GN Solids Control sand remover is mainly used to remove drilling cuttings larger than 55 microns in drilling fluid. The drilling fluid purification sand remover is mainly composed of underflow screen and 10 inch sand removing cyclone. Under normal circumstances, the centrifugal pump is used to feed the desander. The cyclone uses a centrifugal pump to pump the mud into the swirl cone at high speed, and centrifugally separates the mud under the action of centrifugal force. After centrifugal separation, the lighter mud flows out of the cyclone outlet. The mud with high solid phase is ejected through the drip nozzle, and further sieved and separated through the underflow screen.

2. GN Solids Control Desilter

The structural principles of GN Solids Control Desilter and Desander are similar. The only difference is that the cyclone used in the desilter is a 4-inch cyclone. Generally, the number of desilting cyclones is an even number. Desilter is mainly used to remove solid cuttings larger than 25 microns in drilling fluid.

In addition to sand remover and desilter, GN Solids Control is also providing customers with integrated sand and desilter machine. This equipment integrates three devices: sand remover, desilter and underflow screen. Not only the two-stage separation of sand and mud removal is realized at the same time, but also the occupied area of ​​the tank surface is minimized. While improving the processing effect, it minimizes the floor space.

The separated liquid after desander and desilter can into fine solids separate process by decanter centrifuge

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