GN Solids Control automatic cleaning system sold to a customer in South America

Recently, GN Solids Control completed an in-plant test run of an automated tank Cleaning system. Customers from South America watched the workflow and successfully accepted the automatic cleaning system. The system will be shipped later.

As a professional manufacturer of solid-liquid separation equipment, GN Solids Control covers a wide range of products for the solid-liquid separation industry. The automatic can washing system is actually used to separate the solids from the cleaning mud to achieve the effect of recycling the water.

How the GN Solids Control automatic clearing system works

The GN Solids Control automatic clearing system is designed for automatic tank cleaning. After receiving the solid slurry with high solid content, the solid and liquid in the sedimentation tank are separated, and the built-in chemical dosing system adds flocculant to the slurry to accelerate the collection and precipitation of fine particles. The separated water will overflow and then fall into the storage tank for reuse.

Part of the GN Solids Control automatic clearing system:

1. Mud Collection Pump – At the beginning of the system, the flushing mud is delivered to the settling tank using an electric vacuum pump. The pump is connected to a lever sensor in the settling tank and can be automatically fed and stopped.

2. Sloping plate clarification tank——The sedimentation tank is a sloping plate clarification tank. There are multiple sloping plates in the clarification tank, and the spacing between the two sloping plates is even. These panels have a 55 degree sloping floor so that solids can settle quickly along the slab to the bottom of the clarifier.

3. Chemical Dosing System – The automatic cleaning tank system is equipped with a chemical mixing tank and a dosing pump. A flocculant can be made here and pumped to a precipitator for fine particle collection and precipitation.

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