Complete oily sludge treatment system completed to be shipped

The complete oil-based sludge treatment system recently produced by GN Solids Control is ready for delivery. GN Solids Control has injected more essence into the quality assurance and technology of the oil sludge treatment system. The complete oil sludge treatment system is now available. Successful operation in many countries at home and abroad, oily sludge treatment system is widely used in waste sludge oil sands generated by crude oil tank cleaning, waste sludge oil sands in refineries, drilling waste oil sands and other fields, bringing many customers Good economic and social benefits have won the favor and praise of our customers.

The oil-containing sludge treatment system mainly includes: the heating pre-mixing tank system is mainly pre-mixed by heating and chemical demulsifier, and then pumped into the vibrating screen for large particle sieving treatment. The oil slick system mainly extracts the oil from the upper part according to the principle of gravity settlement. The solid-control separation system is mainly the sieve separation of the shale shaker and the two-phase separation of the centrifuge. Based on the state of the sludge on the part of the site, it may be necessary to add a chemical before entering the centrifuge. The secondary cleaning tank and the secondary separation centrifuge are mainly The material is further washed and further separated by two phases. The three-phase disc separation centrifuge mainly separates oil, water and mud. The oil-water separator mainly separates the oil and water. The oil and water will overflow to the corresponding buffer tank respectively. The oil pump and the pump will clean the oil and water. Delivered to tanks and tanks. The water purification equipment is to further purify the water again.

The complete oil-containing sludge treatment system produced by GN Solids Control is specially designed for the treatment of sludge oil sands. Customers are welcome to come and consult. More question,welcome contact GN solids control

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