10 sets of GN Solids Control mud separation system will be sent to a customer in Asia

The mud water separation system is an economical purification system that separates solids from the drilling mud. It is mainly used in the construction piling project to remove the coarse particles in the mud. The recovered mud is pumped back to the pile driver for reuse.

Recently, GN Solids Control has just completed the assembly and factory test of nearly 10 500gpm throughput piling water separation systems. The picture shown here is a photo of the batch of equipment waiting to be shipped.

Advantages of piling mud water separation system

1. A variety of purification processes are highly integrated – the piling mud-water separation system consists of a coarse particle separation process and a Desander/Desilter separation process. After the mud enters the piling mud water separation system, the coarse particles are first sieved out using a vibrating sieve. The liquid will be pumped to the Desander/Desilter unit for fine particle separation. The piling mud water separation system has a built-in pump system, a buffer tank, and an electronic control system. A variety of purification process designs enable the system to separate fine particles to meet user needs.


2. Compact design – The piling mud water separation system is a combined device for gradually separating large particles and fine particles. Considering the limitation of the working area, the piling mud-water separation system has a small footprint and is easy to move in the urban interior space. For large-capacity active mud storage, users can make additional tanks that are easily connected to the piling mud-water separation system.

In order to provide users with a better piling solution, GN Solids Control has also developed a sloping plate settling system that settles the liquid discharged from the Desander/Desilter unit to make the liquid clearer. Compared with the sedimentation centrifuge, the inclined plate settlement system is a solution with high flow rate and low cost. In the sloping plate settling system, fine particles will settle to the bottom and then pump out through the diaphragm pump.

More and more piling contractors are considering the use of two piling mud separation systems and then a sloping plate settling system to achieve a low cost, cost effective solution.

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