General configuration of mud non-flooring systems

Hebei GN Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., referred to as “GN Solid Control”, is the first manufacturer in China to manufacture equipment that does not land on mud. The drilling cutting machine produced since 2014 has sold 60 sets of rock drills. The chip drying system sold nearly 45 sets. It is the manufacturer with the highest domestic output and largest sales volume. GN’s solids-controlled rock chip drying system is based on the advantages of high-quality equipment at home and abroad. It has been developed in combination with practical application cases at the drilling site. It has the advantages of non-blocking, large processing volume, high processing efficiency, high failure rate, and low failure rate. Easy to operate and other advantages.


Modular components:

  1. Cuttings conveying device:

The cuttings conveying device is composed of a conical cuttings receiving funnel, a sludge vacuum pump and a control device, and can receive drill cuttings and drilling waste conveyed by the screw conveyor of the solid control equipment. The drill cutting pump is driven by a motor, which draws the cuttings by vacuum and delivers it to the drill drying screen or the drill cutting machine. The sludge vacuum pump has super self-priming ability and is specially used for conveying high viscosity and high solid content wear-resistant acid and corrosion resistant medium, and the output pressure without seal structure is high.

  1. Drilling chip drying sieve device:

The cuttings drying screen device consists of a GN cuttings drying screen and a mud receiving tank. It can process the drilling waste drills discharged from the solids control equipment and discharge the relatively dry drilling debris for further post-processing. The collection tank at the bottom of the drill cutting screen is tapered to facilitate cleaning and is not easy to accumulate sand. It can receive the mud after the drying screen treatment, and there is a slurry outlet at the bottom of the tank to be connected to the centrifuge pump. The GN drying sieve feed hopper can meet the screw conveyor into the pulp and the cuttings feed pump tube into the pulp.

3, drill cutting machine:

GN dryer module, the operation platform to reduce the time to a minimum, the total height can be satisfied without dismantling the dryer in the case of road transport is not high. After the working platform is raised, the slagging and draining requirements of the drill cutting and drying machine can be met. This platform can be equipped with cantilever crane, flushing pump and variable frequency control cabinet according to customer requirements. The cantilever crane is mounted on the working platform and can be lowered during transportation. Explosion-proof control cabinets and flushing pumps can be placed on the base of the platform or next to the tilting seat.

  1. Centrifuge:

GN centrifuge module, operating platform for placing the crown energy centrifuge as a working platform. The platform transportation time is reduced to a minimum, and the total height can be satisfied without excessive road transport without disassembling the centrifuge. The elevated working platform can meet the slag discharge and drainage requirements of the centrifuge. This platform can be equipped with slurry pump and frequency conversion control cabinet according to customer requirements. Explosion-proof control cabinets and feed pumps can be placed on the bottom of the platform or beside the seat.


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