GN mud tank system for HDD project

We just finish the tourist trip to Thailand and back to China yesterday. As the leader manufacturer for solids control equipment & mud system, we are always available even when we were for Tourist in Thailand. We took our computer and other data, and ready to give fast response once request by clients.

During the tourism, we got inquiry from West Africa, requiring big mud system for HDD project. The client use America brand mud system before, and use American Augers HDD rig. They cooperate with Government, and do lots of HDD project in local country and subsidiaries.


For the following project, the client requires 800gpm treating capacity mud system with about 100m3 mud storage tank systems.  After we have more discussion, we know the technical requirement from client, and are preparing dimension drawing and layout drawing now.  The details of the mud system will contains below items:

1) 3 sets shale shaker.

The client need 2sets shale shaker for work, and 1set shaker for backup. If any of the shaker get emergency, the backup shaker can work immediately to continue the job. This really promote the working efficiency of project.

As it is HDD project, we recommend 3panel shaker, each shaker treating capacity can reach up to 500gpm. And 2sets shaker can reach max. 1000gpm. It is good to use higher treating capacity mud system, in case the mud weight is higher, we can also get similar treating capacity.

2) 2 sets mud cleaner

Same idea, the client request two sets mud cleaner. One set mud cleaner for work, the other one for backup. If the working mud cleaner get emergency and need maintenance, the client can use the other one immediately to avoid any Stop in halfway.

All above 5 unit equipment need to be designed on same mud tank. And we are preparing the drawing for clients.

3) As it is big project, clients need 100cbm storage mud tank. We offer two sets mud tanks for satisfy client’s need. One set mud tank with hopper and mixing pump to work as also mud mixing tank. The other tank only work for storage mud.

If you need any solids control equipment, or mud system, pls contact GN Solids Control freely.

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