Geological Exploration Before Drilling

Main Introduction of Geological Exploration

Geological exploration is to discover resources of value from the earth, while you get some information from the earth’s surface. And it takes risks, you never know if it will work until you get the truth.An exploration geologist is a person who do this job.In addition to finding the resources needed, the core samples may also show where the easiest places to drill will be. This helps not only find the resources, but to harvest them in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

A Few Interesting Questions

1 Why do we need natural resources?
Then when you walk out, try to think about it, then you will find the answer, nearly everything around you is relative.
2 How do we find new resources?
The answer is it is a very hard work.

Geological Exploration Company

Rosneft puts much emphasis on volume and efficiency of prospecting and exploration work in order to replace hydrocarbon production with new commercial reserves and to ensure sustainable growth of production in the medium and long term.
Priority regions for Rosneft with respect to growth of resource potential are Eastern Siberia, the shelves of Russia’s southern seas (the Black, Caspian and Azov Seas) and the ocean shelf in the Far East of Russia. The Company is also carrying out geological exploration work in its traditional oil producing areas: Western Siberia, the Volga Region, Timan-Pechora and the southern part of European Russia. In addition, Rosneft is taking part in promising foreign geological exploration projects in Algeria and Kazakhstan.
Falcon Drilling Ltd is an international diamond drilling service supplier with world wide experience in providing drilling services to the local and international geological exploration community.  Falcon has been in operation since 1986 when the first Canadian office was established in Prince George, British Columbia by Grant and Gary Paulson. Since that time the company has established offices in several diverse and remote parts of the world and has operated in many others.  International operations are controlled by local offices in Argentina, Mexico and Mongolia. The cumulative experience of the company principals and senior management in diamond drilling, helicopter services, construction, radio and satellite communications and forestry enables efficient operations under very adverse topographical conditions.

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