Features of Mud Cleaner in the drilling fluid treatment job

The mud cleaner is a combination of desander, desilter and shale shaker. The overall structure is very compact and the design is reasonable, which greatly saves on-site space. It is mainly used for the treatment of harmful solids in drilling mud.

Customers can choose according to their actual needs. There are several models: GNZJ703F-D1S8NF, GNZJ703F-S2S12NF, GNZJ594F-S2S12NF, GNZJ703F-S3S16NF, GNZJ594F-S3S16NF. The processing capacity is 120 cubic meters per hour, 240 cubic meters per hour, and 360 cubic meters per hour.

Customers can match different numbers of cyclones according to different processing volumes. GN cyclones are selected from some special materials, polyurethane materials. This material has greatly improved wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and it extends the service life. , And the processing of materials can meet the needs of customers. The de-sanding cyclone is used to process particles between 40-60 μm, and the de-sludge cyclone is used to process particles between 20-40 μm.

The whole cleaner can be disassembled and assembled into vibrating screen, de-sander and desilter according to working conditions. Our vibrating screen can adjust the angle under non-stop working conditions, and the whole screen box can be raised and lowered synchronously.

The screen box has good sealing performance and has been patented. Moreover, it is easy to replace, which greatly saves customers’ economic costs. The whole screen box is welded with stainless steel material, which is corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant, especially in the harsh working condition site, it is firm and not easy to be damaged. The vibrating screen box has been heat-treated as a whole, which can meet the requirements of continuous work under high excitation intensity.

Compared with traditional screens, our matched composite frame screens have better dialysis rate, more accurate screening data, greatly increased service life, and greatly increased screening area, which is easy to replace.

The matching motor adopts internationally well-known brands, such as Martin or OLI motors, which are used in conjunction with our products, and the quality is guaranteed. GN Solids Control wholeheartedly provides the best quality products and services to new and old customers.

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