Equipments of Slurry Handling System

Slurry handling system is also solid liquid separation system, while it usually refered in agriculture, dredger and other small projects.

Scraper are usually used for separation works, not always the shale shaker. And the working priciple is also a little different.

Shale shaker is widely used in slurry handling system.


Linear motion shale shaker

Agitators are also used for mix up the slurry and keep the slurry active.


Pumps are very important part of slurry handling system.

Efficient and strong Underground Slurry Pumps will make your everyday manure management a lot easier. Heavy duty Lagoon Pumps for the rapid emptying of liquid slurry lagoons. Tested tough our Electric Pumps will bring you peace of mind.

Available in numerous configurations, we have a Vertical Pump that fits your need.

Submersible sand pump

Submersible sand pump

Other Slurry Handling Systems:

Many metallurgical processes & ore treatment plants commonly involve slurry handling. Common equipment used includes: leach reactors, slurry heat exchangers, fluidized bed reactors, mixers, digester tanks, surge bins, gravity distributors, precipitators, launders, floatation cells, and slurry piping systems. The design of such systems requires a good understanding of the multiphase flow behaviour for the given operating conditions.

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