Equipments for Slurry Treatment Plant

Slurry recycling is also very important in tunneling boring, piling, and so on. Equipments used in slurry treatment plant to keep the charactor of the slurry for recycling use.

slurry circulation system

These are a few sketchs for the TBM (tunneling boring machine) system. And as we can find, shker, desilter hydrocyclones are used in the slurry recycling, i.e. slurry treatment plant.

slurry circulation system

slurry treatment plant

Usually there are also a few phases for slurry treatment plant, shale shaker, to screening the big particles, then the hydrocyclones with shaker underflow, mud cleaner as we refered in the oilfield solids control equipments. Sometimes decanter centrifuge are also used, as the site required.

There also are tanks to store the drilling slurry, so we also need centrifugal pumps to pump the slurry to where we need. Then also the mud agitators to keep the slurry fresh.

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