Drilling mud Solids Control and waste management introduce-Shale Shaker

Drilling fluid is the most crucial and important part of during drilling operations. Among all types of drilling fluids (water-based(WBM), oil-based(OBM), and synthetic-based(SBM)), water-based drilling fluids are the most widely used fluids in the oil and gas drilling industry in comparison with the other types. This is due to:

A. Higher cost

B. Environmental issues

C. Disposal problems &

D. Health and safety issues.

Drilling fluids are responsible to carry out many different functions during the drilling process as controlling the following:

A. Formation hydrostatic pressure

B. Preventing collapse of wellbore surface

C. Transferring cuttings to the surface

D. Suspending cuttings and additives

E. Preventing formation damage by forming good mud cake/stuck on the wellbore surface

F. Lubricating and cooling the drilling bit and string.

To achieve all these, a good work Solids Control system is required to guarantee a seamless separation. To this end, we recommend&introduce GN Solids Control, a manufacture of Solids Control and Drilling Waste Management equipment Company with track records of excellent performance in the O&G Industry.

Talking about solids control equipment,Shale shakers is the most popular pieces of equipment and very important. Below is feature of GN shale shaker

Shale shakers is the first step of defense in solids control/waste management system/solution. Without a good performance shale shakers drilling mud control team will meet higher than usual solids content in the mud system. GN Solids Control not only provides shakers for drilling rigs and drying packages, but also provide custom packages like this one that just got delivered to a very happy customer. Contact us for your next set shale shakers!

GN Solids Control has sold many equipment working to world wide drilling jobsite, bring good separate result,and save cost for client If you are interested about this news, welcome contact GN Solids Control to get more detail

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