Drilling Mud Flow Line Divider

Flow line divider is also one important part of drilling mud system. And it can be used with solids control system o f GN Solids Control. However, it used not very popular in China.

Main Introduction of Flow Line Divider

Drilling mud flow line divider is used to optimize the solids removal capabilities of shale shakers. In this article, we introduce famous brand flow line divider like Derrick Flo-Divider, and Brandt Dual Cartridge Scalper, Baroid’s Unique SupaVac™ SV400 Cuttings Collection and Pumping System.
By pooling and dividing the drill fluid upstream from the shale shakers, the Flo-Divider ensures that each shaker receives an equal flow of drilling mud and an equal distribution of drilled solids.

Brand flow line divider

Derrick Flo Divider have 4 types of model by the divided way: 3-way, 4-way, 5-way, and 6-way, it fits easily onto most rigs, and is applicable for all derrick shakers.
Brandt flo line divider: The Brandt product line of NU-TEC Gumbo Removal Equipment is the first step in effective solids removal when sticky clays and gumbo are drilled. The Gumbo Box™, in conjunction with either the Gumbo Chain™ or Scalper™,  can virtually eliminate plugged flow-lines by removing the gumbo before it reaches the shale shakers.
The SupaVac™ SV400 unit is a compact, air-operated, vacuum recovery and pressure discharge pump. This system is designed to operate in hazardous locations, safely collecting and pumping materials such as drill cuttings, tank bottoms, heavy crude sludge and sand slurries.



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