Drilling mud recycling equipments system

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Fluids Processing System  Shale Shaker  Mud cleaner
 Fluids processing system  drilling fluids shale shaker Mud cleaner
Desander   &     Desilter Decanting Centrifuge Vacuum Degasser
 desander desilter  Decanting centrifuge Vacuum degasser
Centrifugal Pump Mud Gas Separator  Jet Mud Mixer
 Sand pump  gas liqiud separator jet mud mixer
Vertical Cutting Dryer  Shear Pump Submersible slurry pump
 vertical cutting dryer  shear pump submersible slurry pump
 Electric Ignition Device  Mud Agitator  Mud Tank
 electronic ignition device Mud Agitator mud tank

.As the solids control equipments need to be  integrated ,Instead of a collection of equipment from various sources,We manufacture the entire drilling fluids solids control equipments in our factory.All the solids-control components are specifically designed to function as a single unit.Moreover,GN Solids Control analyzes well parameters and drilling objectives for each application and tailors the right combination of equipments for optimal results.Cost-Effective Solids control Equipment Manufacturer,Your best supplier-GN Solids Control.

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