Drilling fluid shakers and mud tanks sold to offshore drilling companies

GN Solids Control’s shale shaker is mainly used in projects such as the mud circulation system in the mud solids control system. Shale shaker with different numbers of screens can be used in different working conditions. With other equipment such as centrifuge and Mud Cleaner, it can fully meet the requirements of drilling. The high-performance drilling fluid shaker can directly or indirectly generate more economic benefits for our customers. The customers of this offshore platform drilling project ordered It is the mud vibrating screen and mud tank produced by our company.

Features and Benefits of GN Solids Control Drilling Fluid Shakers

1 Steel screen box bottom frame.

2 brand motor OLI, durable

3 The patented product of mechanical and electric synchronous lifting is both stable and reliable, and easy to operate, and can be operated without stopping

4 High excitation intensity up to 7.5G and adjustable

5 Quickly disassembled pre-tensioned design shaker screen, the screen is made of composite material, with longer life and better effect

6 The electronic control adopts Siemens Schneider electric components

7 Overall heat treatment of the screen box, high-quality anti-corrosion paint spraying

8 Unique screen box sealing design, can be used for high mesh screening


Features of GN Solids Control Screens

The screens used by GN Solids Control shale shaker are produced in strict accordance with API standards, and the replacement screens for shale shaker on sale can be ordered from our company. GN Solids Control provides different types of mud shale shaker including but not limited to the following content:

Composite plastic frame vibrating screen is made of composite plastic material cast frame and stainless steel wire mesh bonding, because the composite plastic material itself has high toughness and strong plasticity, so this product has a longer service life and a more beautiful appearance.

The screen is made up of the bottom frame and 2 layers and 3 layers of 304 or 316 stainless steel mesh cloth. Due to the different mesh numbers and punching holes, the screening effect of the screen is more fine. The lower layer of high-strength frame and support ribs and the upper layer of moderately tensioned screen cloth are closely combined, which greatly enhances the strength and durability of the screen, and achieves better screen filtering effect. The range of screen mesh is generally 20 Head to 325 head.

If you are interested in such products, please contact GN Solids Control

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