GNMS-1500D Pipe Jacking Slurry Separator Order Completed

GN Solids Control is a supplier and manufacturer of solid-liquid separation equipment. With the use of more and more mud separation systems, GN Solids Control has been recognized by more and more users. In the past few weeks, GN Solids Control has completed 4 sets of 1000 GPM pipe jacking mud separation desander, 1 set of 240 m3/h shield mud treatment system and 3 sets of 1500 GPM pipe jacking mud separation equipment for Asian customers Production.

1.4 sets of GNMS-1000D mud separation system includes a double-layer shale shaker, which is equipped with 2 sets of 10-inch sand removal cyclones. After the bottom shale shaker treatment, there is a collection tank under the shale shaker. The slurry is sucked by a centrifugal pump and sent to a large cyclone for secondary separation.

2. The GNTBM-240 shield mud separation system is a compact processing device specially designed for the shield industry. It is mainly composed of shale shaker, desander, desilter and 2 mud pumps. The GNTBM-240 is capable of handling 240 m3/h of high solids percentage and large particle slurries. Most of the solids are first removed in the bottom coarse screen. In order to meet the requirements of high wear resistance, GN engineers have made many special designs, such as all shale shaker feed boxes are covered with wear-resistant PU, and all connection ports are also thoroughly protected.

 2022.01.18 GNMS-1500D Desander Plant

3. In addition to the above mud separation system, the Asian customer also purchased 3 sets of GNMS-1500D pipe jacking mud treatment equipment. Similar to the 1000 GPM system, the GNMS-1500D also includes a double-deck shaker, 2 large 14-inch desander cyclones and a 75kw centrifugal pump.

GN Solids Control can provide standard mud treatment equipment as well as customized mud treatment systems, and customers are welcome to inquire.

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