GN drilling mud cleaner supply to drilling company

GN Solids Control is a professional supplier of solid-liquid separation processing equipment. Most of the equipment it produces, such as vibrating screens, mud cleaners, decanters, and cuttings dryers, are widely used in the drilling industry.

Today we mainly introduce primary purification equipment shale shaker and secondary purification equipment mud cleaner

1. Shale shaker

GN shale shaker uses Italian OLI or American Martin motor, and Siemens Schneider is used for electrical components. Heavy-duty design, the overall heat treatment of the screen box, the vibration strength can reach 8.0G, which can meet the use of various working conditions. The shale shaker is mainly used for primary screening to separate solid particles above 100um. At the same time, the size of the screened particles can be adjusted by adjusting the mesh number of the shale shaker. The distributor distributes the mud to two shale shaker for simultaneous processing, increasing the processing capacity


2. Mud cleaner

The GN Slurry Cleaner is a compact treatment unit with a desander and desilter on the shaker to form a compact all-in-one module, which saves a lot of money compared to using the shaker, desander and desilter alone Use space and facilitate transportation. The mud cleaner provided to customers is equipped with a 10-inch desilting cyclone and a 4-inch desilting cyclone. The desilting cyclone can separate solid particles above 40-60um, and the desilting cyclone can separate 20-40um. The above solid particles provide guarantee for subsequent mud recovery or use of centrifuges.

In addition to shale shaker and mud cleaners, GN Solids Control can also provide various other solids control equipment, including centrifuges, cuttings dryers, mud transfer pumps and other equipment.

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