Drill cuttings separation

Drill cuttings are separated by shale shaker, decander, desiler, decanter centrifuge, and collected by screw conveyor or vacuum unit , for further separation of vertical cutting dryer & decanter centrifuge.

drill cuttings separation

drill cuttings separation

In an ideal situation, all drill solids are removed from a drilling fluid by solids control equipment on a drilling operation. The two primary sources of solids are chemical additives and formation drill cuttings. Drill cuttings are contaminants that degrade the performance of the drilling fluid. If the drill cuttings are not separated, they will be ground into smaller and smaller particles that become more difficult to remove from the drilling fluid.

Most formation solids can be removed by mechanical means at the surface. Small particles are more difficult to remove and have a greater effect on drilling fluid properties than large particles. The particle size of drilled solids incorporated into drilling fluid can range from 1 to 250 microns (1 micron equals 1/25, 400 of an inch of 1/1000 of a millimetre).

After drill cuttings separation, you will have 4 choices for the further treatment, because you can not throw them away directly, you may need drill cutting injection, drill cuttings thermal treatment, drill cuttings bio-remediation and drill cuttings solidification and stabilization.

GN provide a complete set of solids control & drill cuttings separation system, from shale shaker to decanter centrifuge, from drill cutting collection to vertical cutting dryer, welcome to contact GN for more info.

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