Decanter Centrifuga

GN will show a 14 inch bowl decanter centrifuga at OTC, after the show, it will be sold out to South America. To length the service life of decanter centrifuga in drilling fluids separation, proper installation & maintenance is necessary.

At present, GN provide the decanter centrifuga below:

decanter centrifuga

decanter centrifuga

By bowl speed: high speed decanter centrifuga, middle speed decanter centrifuga y VFD decanter centrifuga

By bowl diameter: 14inch bowl, 8.7 inch bowl, 18inch bowl y 22 inch bowl decanter centrifuga

By speed adjustable o no: fixed speed decanter centrifuga y VFD decanter centrifuga

By screw propeller protection method: coating with tungsten alloy o welding with tungsten carbide tiles

Totally we have GNLW223, GNLW363, GNLW452, GNLW453, GNLW553 series centrifuga. The main components of GN decanter centrifuga are as below:

1 bowl drive motor 2 screw conveyor drive motor 3 gear box 4 screw conveyor 5 bowl 6 hydraulic coupling 7 skid 8 vibration isolator 9 collection box 10 solids discharge chute 11 feed tube 12 fluids discharge churt 13support bracket

Among them, gear box, feed tube and screw conveyor is the most wearable parts, you need regular maintenance on them.

As the slurry flows in the channels between the conveyor flights, the heavy particles settle at an accelerated rate due to the G force imposed by the rotating bowl. Sand particles settle almost instantly; then the finer, lighter particles settle. Particles that can not be settled under the present settings will be discharged with the liquid through the adjustable weirs on the liquid bowl head. Liquid exiting the liquid bowl head is directed through the liquid discharge outlet.

GN solids control have several drilling fluids decanter centrifuga in stock in South America, welcome to contact us if any requirement.

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