Double -layer Drilling Fluid Shale Shaker sells to European customers

Last week, GN Solids Control provided European customers with three sets of dual -layer straight -line drilling fluid Shale Shaker and a set of mud cleaners. With the development and technology innovation of GN Solids Control, the latest version of Shale Shaker has excellent working performance and satisfactory product quality.

The double -layer straight -line drilling solution produced by GN Solids Control Shale Shaker has 6 piece screen, 3 screen on the upper and lower layers, the upper area is 2.0 square meters, the lower area is 2.6㎡, the total area is 4.6㎡.

During the double -layer Shale Shaker works, the upper screen can separate solid particles with larger diameter, and the number of sieve nets is relatively low; the underlying screen network can separate the solid particles with less diameter, and the number of sieve nets is relatively high. We can replace the screen separation requirements according to the actual needs of the site to meet the on -site separation requirements.


This European customer used to use US brand double -layer drilling fluid Shale Shaker. The client drilling machine supporting solid control system was updated and upgraded. He chose to use the GN Solids Control double -layer straight line Shale Shaker to replace the previous Shale Shaker. The reason is as follows:

1. Double -layer Shale Shaker supporting mechanical screening network fast pressing device, which can easily and quickly disassemble the screen, and the skin is durable. Compared with the traditional method, a total of at least 30%of the replacement screen time is shortened.

2. The screening area is large, and the straight line trajectory of high excitement is used. The excitement can reach 7.2G, which can meet the processing requirements of the drilling fluid when the large land rig and marine rigs are quickly drilled into the public.

GN Shale Shaker has comprehensively judged from the aspects of quality, performance and price, and has a very high cost performance. Therefore, European customers chose GN Solids Control.

GN Solids Control produces and sells more than 300 Shale Shaker each year. It is also exported to other solid control equipment such as residential snail centrifugal machines, centrifugal pumps, and mud agitator. If you have this need, please contact GN Solids Control.

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