1 batch Australian safety standard mud purification device project finished delivery

GN solid control company is a professional solid -liquid separation equipment manufacturer. In the oil solid control industry, it can be equipped with a complete set of solid control treatment equipment according to customer needs. In the HDD industry, GN solid control can provide standard mud purification equipment, such as GNMS-200D, GNMS-500D, GNMS-1000D, can also customize exclusive mud purification devices according to the different needs of customers. Last week, GN Control provided four sets of mud purification devices for a Australian customers, mainly as follows:


GNMS-200D mud purification device

The shale shaker processing volume is 200GPM, and the separation particle size is 25um. Select 4 4 -inch cyclone, use 100%high -quality polyurethane, and long service life. The bottom flow screen is GNZS753 double -layer shale shaker, with an upper screen area of 0.875㎡, and the underlying screen area is 1.35㎡. the vibration motor uses an international brand Italian OLI or Martin. The bottom frame of the sieve box is made of stainless steel, and the vibration strength is ≤7.1g, which can be adjusted. In addition to the mud supply centrifugal pump model GNSB4X3C-11J, it uses mechanical sealing and has a long service life for easy maintenance. It can swap accessories with the international standard pump. There is a mud recovery tank at the bottom. The overall design is small, covering a small area, the transportation size is 3135mm*1920mm*2521mm, and the total weight of the system is 3012kg, which is convenient for transportation. The electrical control cabinet uses the GN brand to prevent explosion -proof rain and dust. Electric components use Siemens or Schneid components. Safety standards for the aisle guardrails and electrical equipment meet Australian requirements.

If you have problems or needs for mud purification devices, welcome contact GN solids control.

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