Desander replacement for some worldwild brand Desander

Desander from Derrick,MI-Swaco,NOV Brandt are famous and widely used in drilling mud systems.

GN Desander is China typical hydrocyclone for drilling fluids solids control,As a top China Desander manufacturer,our Desander has the following benifits



1,Customized enough for almost any drilling situations.
2,Competive Price desander replacement for Derrick,Mi-Swaco,Nov Brandt desander
3,Oilfield projects proven efficient desanders
4,Fast and reliable service for desander spare parts.
5,Top quality shaker vibrating motor.

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MI-Swaco Desander

The M-I SWACO D-SANDER* Models 2-12 and 3-12 are designed for high-volume continuous removal of sand and abrasive cuttings from drilling fluids — 95% of all particles to 74 microns and more than 50% of particles to 40 microns. The D-SANDER features your choice of two or three 12-in.- (304.8-mm-) diameter replaceable, wear-resistant, polyurethane hydrocyclones and quick-release stainless steel clamps for simplified changeout. They are a fundamentally important piece of a rig’s complete solids control package. They also help limit repair and replacement of pump parts damaged by abrasives-laden drilling fluids.

MI-Swaco desander models:

Name     Function/Application

2-12 SLANT D-SANDER     2-12 Slant-Mount D-SANDER
2-12 VERTICAL D-SANDER     2-12 Vertical-Mount D-SANDER
3-12 SLANT D-SANDER     3-12 Slant-Mount D-SANDER
3-12 VERTICAL D-SANDER     3-12 Vertical-Mount D-SANDER



NOV Brandt Desander

Desander, as stated earlier, have no moving parts. The larger the internal diameter (ID) of the desander is, the greater the amount of fluid it is able to process and the larger the size of the solids removed. Desanders (10 in. ID) are able to remove roughly 50 percent of those solids within the 40-50 micron range at a flow rate of 500 gallons per min (gal/min), while desilters (4 in. ID) are able to remove approximately 50 percent of those solids within the 15-20 micron range at a flow rate of 60 gal/min. Microfine separators (2 in. ID) are able to remove around 50 percent of those solids within the 10-15 micron range at a flow rate of 15 gal/min. Desanders are typically positioned next-to-last in the arrangement of solids control equipment, with mud decanter centrifuges as the subsequent processing unit. They are preceded by gas busters, gumbo removal equipment (if utilized),fluids  shale shakers, mud conditioners (if utilized) and degassers.

NOV® Brandt® manufactures desander in Conroe, Texas, USA. desanders are typically configured to meet the specifications demanded by the application. Usually, the desired flow rate determines the configuration of the cones, including the size utilized. desanders are just one of the many solids control and waste management offerings that NOV Brandt supplies to the oil and gas industry. NOV Brandt’s Quality Management System is ISO 9001-2000 certified.

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