Big Bowl Big Volume Decanter Centrifuge

The big bowl big volume decanter centrifuge with high speed is now becoming more and more popular.The popular models of the the big bowl and big volume decanter centrifuge as below:

  • GNLW553  with 550mm diamter bowl and 1800mm bowl length.
  • Derrick DE-7200 VFD with 544mm big bowl and 1829 bowl length.
  • NOV Brandt HS-2172 with 533mm big bowl and 1829 bowl length.
  • MI Swaco CD-600 with 598mm big bowl and 1930mm bowl length
Big Decanter Centrifuge

Big Decanter Centrifuge











More about GNLW553 big bowl big volume centrifuge specifications.

Model (Fixed Speed) GNLW453G(Fixed) GNLW450x1780N GNLW550x1800N
Model(VFD Speed) GNLW453VFD GNLW450x1780VFD GNLW550x1800VFD
Bowl Diameter  450mm  450mm  550mm
Bowl Length  1580mm 1780mm  1800mm
Max Capacity 300GPM(45m³/h) 350GPM(80m³/h) 400GPM (90m³/h)
Bowl Speed(Fixed)  3500RPM (Max) 3500RPM(max)  3200 RPM (Max)
Bowl Speed (VFD) 0-3500RPM 0~3500RPM 0~32000 RPM
G-Force 3000(Max) 3000(Max) 3000(Max)
Separation Point 2 Microns 2 Microns 2 Microns
Main Drive  37 Kw  45 Kw  55 Kw
Back Drive  11 Kw  15 Kw  15 Kw
Remarks For fixed speed centrifuge,GN have other speed available for your optionby using different pulley,please specify your required speed.

Derrick DE-7200 VFD  Big Bowl Big Volume Decanter Centrifuge Specifications

  • Bowl speeds up to 3000 RPM
  • Internal acceleration of 2750 G’s
  • Compact portable unit
  • Remote monitoring

The DE-7200 Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) centrifuge offers the high flexibility in system control, permitting it to handle a wide range of feed slurries. Its automatic startup and shutdown routines permit safe, consistent, unattended operation. Automatic load sensing and feed pump control facilitate automated performance optimization. The bowl can be operated at up to 3000 RPM, resulting in centrifugal acceleration of 2750 G’s. To accommodate low levels of agitation and rapid solids removal, the conveyor can operate at differential speeds ranging from 1 to 70 RPM. The DE-7200 drive system consists of two explosion-proof inverter-duty motors. A 150 HP motor drives the bowl, and a 60 HP motor operates the conveyor.

Motors are powered by Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) AC drives having Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) outputs. Each motor drive and peripherals are controlled by an environmentally hardened PLC, which offers operating flexibility, short-term data storage and display of critical parameters, and remote monitoring and control of the centrifuge from up to thousands of miles away.

Some more info. about Brandt HS-2172 Centrifuge

Some more info about MI Swaco Big Bowl Big Volume Centrifuge.


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