Cuttings drying shaker sold to offshore drilling companies

GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of solids control equipment. After more than ten years of continuous development and innovation, GN Solids Control has accumulated rich experience in solids control equipment design and manufacturing, and has successfully sold our solids control equipment to In many countries and regions around the world, recently, our company has successfully customized a set of drilling cuttings drying shaker for domestic offshore drilling companies, and sent it to the customer site to complete the acceptance. This set of drilling cuttings drying system mainly includes the following equipment.

1. Drill cuttings drying shaker

GNZS594F drilling cuttings drying shale shaker is a single-layer drying shaker independently developed and produced by GN Solids Control. It is widely used in oil and gas drilling, large trenchless drilling rigs and screening and drying treatment in industrial separation. It can meet the requirements of large mud processing capacity. The drying shaker is mainly used to remove the harmful solid phase larger than 60 microns in the drilling mud. The screen box angle of the drying shaker adopts a mechanical synchronous adjustment design on both sides, which can meet the requirements of non-stop screen box angle adjustment. The exciting motor of the drying shaker All brands use Martin and Oli, and all electrical components use internationally renowned brands such as Siemens or Schneider, which greatly improves the stability of the shale shaker and effectively reduces the product failure rate.

2. Agitator

In order to prevent the mud from settling in the mud tank, our company installed a mud agitator on the top of the mud tank to evenly stir the mud in the mud tank.



3. Centrifugal pump

The Centrifugal pump is mainly used to transport drilling fluid mud, and can also be used as a slurry pump for centrifuges, desilters, desanders and other equipment. All GN Solids Control series Centrifugal pumps use mechanical seals, which effectively provide the service life of the equipment, and the parts of the Centrifugal pumps can be interchanged with some international well-known brands of Centrifugal pumps, which is convenient for customers to purchase and replace accessories.

4. Mud tank

The mud tank is mainly used to store the drilling mud screened by the drying shaker, and according to the requirements of the customer’s use environment, the mud tank is designed and produced according to the operation requirements of the offshore drilling platform.

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