ATEX explosion-proof decanter centrifuge supply to Middle East market

Adhering to the tenet of fully serving customers and delivering on time, GN Solids Control has overcome various situations brought about by the lockdown and control of the epidemic. Last week, GN Solids Control successfully sent two sets of ATEX explosion-proof standard decanters to a Middle East oil service company. Since the beginning of the year, GN Solids Control has sold and produced more than 50 decanters. centrifuge can use for solids control work and waste treatment request.

GN Solids Control is capable of producing European ATEX, IEC Ex and CNEX standard explosion-proof motor and electrical control boxes for global drilling companies and oil service companies. These two centrifuges are ATEX Zone 1 standard, equipped with variable frequency explosion-proof air conditioners, which can ensure that the centrifuges work at a high temperature of +55 °C. These two ATEX standard explosion-proof inverter centrifuges are equipped with 14-inch turning strands. In order to adapt to the harsh working environment, GN Solids Control’s decanter centrifuge is made of duplex stainless steel, and the screw feeder is inlaid with tungsten carbide alloy to protect the screw feeder from running for a long time and increase wear resistance. Sexual extension of life. The GN frequency conversion control box is equipped with an intelligent operation interface, which can change all the working parameters of the centrifuge or monitor the working conditions. The 2 main centrifugal bearings are installed with temperature sensors, the centrifugal frame is installed with vibration sensors, and the signal line is connected to the operation panel PLC. The PLC can also alarm the workers when an abnormality occurs.



GN decanter centrifuges are widely used in drilling mud solids control systems. The 18″ and 22″ spinning diameter centrifuges are also popular in barite recovery or drilling mud control or drilling cuttings waste disposal. GN Solids Control is able to supply a modular decanter unit including a stand, feed screw pump and collection tank. Other equipment such as drying vibrating screen, cuttings dryer, three-phase decanter centrifuge, etc. can also be used together with two-phase decanter centrifuge.

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