Control and set up of GN vacuum pump

GNSP Sludge Vacuum Pump is able to produce high vacuum up to 25”HG (Mercury Column) for transfer liquid, drilling cuttings, sludge and solids.

The pump is without any rotation items. With special structure design and powerful suction capability, it can be used at tough environmental for solids transfer, high working performance and less maintenance

It’s very important to learn right way to use the equipment,below was photo explain of vacuum pump

Manual control and setting of time controller


All valve will not move(open or close) after finished set 2 switch levers

Control switch lever as same as Form1,based on different use way and request,valve will change follow switch lever

Work mode Manual loading Manual unloading Auto
A/M Switch lever Switch to Manual Switch to Manual Switch to Auto
L/U Switch lever Switch to Loading Switch to Unloading Switch to Default
Gas gate valve Open Close
Feeding gate valve Open Close
Discharge gate valve Close Open
Gas jet tube ball valve Open Close
Discharge tube ball valve Close Open
Pressure number (Mpa) >0.55Mpa >0.55Mpa
Time test until 70% test until empty
Form 1

1.When loading mud,computing the time between vacuum tank empty to 70% full,to set L time controler

2.When unloading mud,computing the time between vacuum tank 70%full to empty,to set D time controler

3.The auto mode can go on when manual mode running well,control switch same to form1’s auto mode set


More detail,please contact GN solids control

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