Shocking protection for solids control transportation

Shocking protection for solids control transportation is very important for equipment use,GN treat it seriously to give client best product

Most solids control equipment is working by physical way,and running by motor and bearing

For keep equipments running well and long service life,before shipment or transportation,must do necessary fix way to keep equipment stable,like decanter centrifuge/shale shaker/vertical cutting dryer

The shale shaker’s spring of basket is designed for work,when shipping by air/sea/truck,the sudden joit will damage it and the maintenance will need many cost and time

Most important work point of centrifuge is balance,if fixing bowl by bracer,it can keep main screw and bearing stable when transportation,raise service life of whole unit

Same like vertical cutting dryer,the most equipment related about motor and bearing,need keep stable state when transportation,to make sure the parts not damaged and keep balance

Some user didn’t know the shocking protection design of equipment,and cause the service life become very short by moving,so,the best way is apply the equipment supplier arrange engineer to jobsite and make lesson for everyone,it totally worth it,to reduce maintenance cost and better treatment result

There is some special shocking protect way like use deck to fix,like photo attached, Vertical cutting dryer with Mounted in a metal pallet during shipment,the pallet will remove when installing at skid

GN solids control will use professional design to give best protect for equipment,let client get perfect product


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