Construction mud dewatering equipment sold to Australia Market

GN Solids Control has a complete treatment plan and technology in mud dewatering treatment and can provide advanced complete sets of mud dewatering equipment. With the increase in environmental protection requirements of various countries, the process requirements for mud dewatering treatment are also getting higher and higher. GN Solids Control provides a complete set of processing technology to meet customer requirements on site. The specific equipment is as follows:

1. High frequency dehydration coarse shale shaker

The first stage of dehydration uses a high-frequency dehydration coarse screen shale shaker. After the coarse screen, all the big rocks, branches, gloves, plastics, etc. are intercepted and separated by the screen. The slurry falls into the slurry tank below through the screen gap, and is transported to the High frequency dehydration fine sieve.

2. High frequency dehydration fine screen shaker

The second stage of dehydration uses a high-frequency dehydration fine screen. This shale shaker use a double-layer shaker, which can separate solid particles above 100um after treatment, and after high-frequency dehydration, the solid-phase water content is significantly reduced. The liquid phase is pumped to the sludge cleaner.


3. Desiltier cleaner

The third stage of dewatering uses a sludge cleaner. Although the high-frequency coarse shale shaker and fine screen shale shaker are used for the preliminary treatment, the decanter centrifuge is required for treatment at the end. In order to prolong the service life of the decanter centrifuge and reduce the abrasion of the drum and spiral by the larger solid particles in the mud, a desilter cleaner is used. The sludge cleaner can separate solid particles above 20-40um. It paved the way for the separation of the centrifuge.

4. Large drum dehydration decanter centrifuge

The fourth stage of dehydration uses a decanter centrifuge. This stage is also the core part, because after a series of previous treatments, the solid particles have become very fine. Using a large drum dehydration centrifuge can separate solid particles above 20-5um. The parameter requirements of the final liquid phase are guaranteed. At the same time, in order to make the centrifuge treatment have the expected effect, a dosing device is usually added in the front section of the centrifuge feed port, so that the liquid phase after the desilting cleaner is mixed and flocculated with the agent before entering the centrifuge. The solid particles in the phase accumulate, making the centrifuge treatment effect even better.

Up to now, GN Solids Control has provided similar complete sets of equipment to many countries such as the United States, Singapore, Canada, etc. Customers have given positive affirmation to the effect and service life of the treatment.

If you have a need for mud dehydration treatment equipment or have any questions about mud treatment, you are welcome to call at any time.

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