Complete mud tank system

GN Solids Control design and manufacture complete mud tank system for customer internationally.

mud tank system

mud tank system

To get material of -500 mm + 0,015 mm when solid rate of the pulp is under 30%,our ZQJ 250×100 Mud Cleaner(conbination of linear motion shale shaker+desander+desilter) will work well for your application. Because, the viscosity of drilling fluids is high since it contains clay,and bentonite. When mud viscosity is low,the separation effect will be better.

To separate different rangle of particles,if particle size rangle you need is not very big as we thought when study the info. you sent us,we can design a complete mud tank system use different mud separation equipments like shakers,desilters,desanders,centrifuges.And also we can adjust the separation particle size rangle by using different mesh screens,different speed centrifuges.The specs in our brochure is for normal models.

We enclosed the complete mud tank system from big to small for your info.

We have the following questions for propasal of our separation equipments & system:
1,Different rangles of particle size you need to get?
2,The treating capacity of the mud you require,eg. 200 m3/h ?
3,The solid rate of your mud?

Then will design a complete mud tank system for your application.

Customer reply:

Below; first of all, we want to give the answers of your 3 questions.
1-The range of the particle size we aim to get is;
Maximum Size 0,5mm
Minimum Size 0,005mm (5 microns)
2-The treating capacity of the mud we require is; between 200m3/h – 250m3/h.
3-The solid rate of our mud would be maximum 30%.
Currently, we continue flotation test works in order to fix the absolute particle size and the absolute pumps and machines capacities.

We would like to state that we are quite pleased to cooperate with GN Solids Control and looking forward to have your engineer in November in Turkey.

After we get the result,we’ll keep gn solids control blog updated about this deal,and provide the solutions about what complete mud tank systems we privided.

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