Chemical choose and control for sludge waste management solidification unit

Solidification unit is a kind of equipment used for final treatment of drilling cuttings.some time it was called stabilization unit,With the strict environmental protection regulations issued, most rig site has to consider further treat of the drilling cuttings to reduce the waste discharge and recover drilling fluids as much as possible. To make work environment friendly,The further treated drilling cuttings, due to containing of chemicals, cannot be discharged directly.


Normally,the solidifify will need Cement and lime,some special sludge will add chemical like PAM/blinding material/resin,to keep better solid work,and control harmful metal of drill cutting

Based on different sludge’s solidify time with chemical,GN add VFD adjustable motor for sludge/lime/absorber feeding conveyor ,for easier control solidification unit working progress

Treated material will become solid with in10~15 minutes after discharged from unit,the time can be control follow different sludge and chemical


Most important point for using solidification is clean it before push stop,the solids part will stick at internal surface of mixing tank,it will damage the screw and effect further running


Some area moisture degree is too high,we advice make sure lime tank dry enough when running,or it may meet stick things too and effect feeding


GN choose high quality motor for conveyor for longer system service life,for better arrange waste manage plan

More question,please feel free to contact GN solids control

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