Balance for decanter centrifuge

GN design decanter centrifuge for oil&gas drilling fluid solids control,also can use for water well drilling mud recycling,and we have success experience for HDD drilling,some mining slurry and river water recycling have need of centrifuge

When centrifuge working,the bowl speed will be very high,max speed will be around 3000RPM,if the centrifuge not at stable plant,the whole machine will shake,and tube and motor will be damaged by this speed,and keep balance for screw and main bowl,is very important

GN have protect design to keep centrifuge avoid complete damage for some time,but most time ,bowl speed too high,damage will still happen,even the centrifuge stop,prepare is always better

The electric current will raise when centrifuge not stable,the motor will request more power to keep bowl speed,if centrifuge working at this state for long time,the life of motor and control system will reduce a lot,and power waste will raise,we have met this before,and advice make check list,and do maintenance to save money for future fix cost

Before fluid feeding to centrifuge,we advice try keep the size of solids average enough,this also can help centrifuge running stable,and make better separation work

The user can build plant to fix centrifuge,this is good way to keep centrifuge work stable,and keep solids control work well


Hope every user get good separation by GN centrifuge,more info,please contact GN solids control

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