Mar 19

Last week, GN Solids Control provided three large oil drill solid control equipment for South American customers, mainly including:

1. Drilling liquid shale shaker

GN Solids Control Drilling liquid vibration screening uses Italian OLI or Martin Motor, and electrical components use Siemens Schneider brand. The negative load design, the overall heat treatment of the sieve box, the vibration strength can reach 8.0g, which can meet the use of various working conditions. It is mainly used for solid particles with a first -level screening and is separated from 100um. The vibration screen model is GNZS594J.

2. Mud Cleaners

GN Solids Control Mud cleaners are a tight processing device. It is equipped with a sand removal and mud device on the vibration screen to form a compact integrated module, saving a lot of space for transportation. The mud cleaning device provided to customers is equipped with a 10-inch sand removal and a 4-inch mud removal flow. The sand removal can be separated from 40-60um solid particles. The above solid particles. The supply model is GNZJ594J-3S16N.


3, centrifugal pump

GN Solids Control Sand Pump is mainly used to transport drilling mud, which can be used as a slurry pump for sand removal, mud device, and centrifuge. Pump is used. This sand pump is used as a solution pump for mud device and sand removal.

4. Decanter centrifuge

Drilling solution is widely used in the proportion control of drilling fluids and heavy crystal recycling. The price of drilling fluid is very expensive. Because it usually needs to add chemicals, it can be re -used after it has a certain proportion and viscosity. Therefore, it is important to recover more drilling fluids. GN Solids Control Drilling solution The centrifuge of the drilling solution is processed under high speed and high gravity, and the drilling solution is separated to recover more drilling fluids.

5. Screw paste pump

GN Solids Control In the selection of the slurry pump of the horizontal snail centrifuge, the screw pump is generally selected. Because the screw pump can control the flow of liquid supply and can record the amount of liquid supply. The supply screw pump model is GNG30-075C and the processing capacity is 0-30m³/h. It can be adjusted according to customer needs. At the same time, Guan can also provide other models of screw pumps for customers to choose.

GN Solids Control has been committed to providing customers with cost -effective solutions. If you have any needs, you can contact us at any time.

written by GN solids Control

Mar 13

GN Solids Control is a professional solid control equipment manufacturer. After more than 10 years of continuous research and development and innovation, GN Solids Control has established overseas branches in the United States and Russia. The GN Solids Control device has now been exported to many countries and regions around the world, and has been accepted and recognized by hundreds of companies around the world.

This week, GN Solids Control provided a batch of mud device, sand removal and vacuum air device for a well -known Chinese entering company. Its main model and parameters are as follows:

1. GNZJ752J-1S


The GN Solids Control GNZJ752J-1S sand removal has a small structure and affordable characteristics. It uses GNZJ752J mini-type bottom flow sieve with a screen area of 1.4 square meters and 1 “sand removal device. It can separate solid particles with more than 60um. It is mainly used in small oil drilling machines, coalbed methane drilling, horizontal directional rig and wells.

2. Muddy removal GNZJ752J-8N

Like the GN Solids Control sand removal, the GNZJ752J mini-type bottom flow is also used, but it is equipped with hydro cyclone, which can separate solid particles above 20-40um. The field is basically the same. As a purification equipment at the back end of the sand removal, the purification effect of mud is guaranteed.

3. Vaccum Degasser Gnzs270B

GN Solids Control Vacuum Vacuum removal is usually installed after the vibration sieve, which can effectively separate the harmful gases in drilling mud, maintain the proportion of mud, and protect the sand pump and mud pump to improve the effect of the subsequent equipment. The GN Solids Control Vacuum removal is used by autonomous pulp, and there is no need to be equipped with a paste pump. At the same time, GN Solids Control can also provide centrifugal gasifiers, which is small compared to vacuum aircraft and occupy small space.

GN Solids Control can be equipped with a complete set of solid control equipment, including shale shaker, sand removal, mud device, centrifugal pump, vacuum removal, centrifugal machine, mud jar, etc. If you have solid control requirements or solution design, You are welcome to call GN Solids Control.

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Mar 04

GN solid control company is a professional solid -liquid separation equipment manufacturer. In the oil solid control industry, it can be equipped with a complete set of solid control treatment equipment according to customer needs. In the HDD industry, GN solid control can provide standard mud purification equipment, such as GNMS-200D, GNMS-500D, GNMS-1000D, can also customize exclusive mud purification devices according to the different needs of customers. Last week, GN Control provided four sets of mud purification devices for a Australian customers, mainly as follows:


GNMS-200D mud purification device

The shale shaker processing volume is 200GPM, and the separation particle size is 25um. Select 4 4 -inch cyclone, use 100%high -quality polyurethane, and long service life. The bottom flow screen is GNZS753 double -layer shale shaker, with an upper screen area of 0.875㎡, and the underlying screen area is 1.35㎡. the vibration motor uses an international brand Italian OLI or Martin. The bottom frame of the sieve box is made of stainless steel, and the vibration strength is ≤7.1g, which can be adjusted. In addition to the mud supply centrifugal pump model GNSB4X3C-11J, it uses mechanical sealing and has a long service life for easy maintenance. It can swap accessories with the international standard pump. There is a mud recovery tank at the bottom. The overall design is small, covering a small area, the transportation size is 3135mm*1920mm*2521mm, and the total weight of the system is 3012kg, which is convenient for transportation. The electrical control cabinet uses the GN brand to prevent explosion -proof rain and dust. Electric components use Siemens or Schneid components. Safety standards for the aisle guardrails and electrical equipment meet Australian requirements.

If you have problems or needs for mud purification devices, welcome contact GN solids control.

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Feb 24

Last week, GN Solids Control provided European customers with three sets of dual -layer straight -line drilling fluid Shale Shaker and a set of mud cleaners. With the development and technology innovation of GN Solids Control, the latest version of Shale Shaker has excellent working performance and satisfactory product quality.

The double -layer straight -line drilling solution produced by GN Solids Control Shale Shaker has 6 piece screen, 3 screen on the upper and lower layers, the upper area is 2.0 square meters, the lower area is 2.6㎡, the total area is 4.6㎡.

During the double -layer Shale Shaker works, the upper screen can separate solid particles with larger diameter, and the number of sieve nets is relatively low; the underlying screen network can separate the solid particles with less diameter, and the number of sieve nets is relatively high. We can replace the screen separation requirements according to the actual needs of the site to meet the on -site separation requirements.


This European customer used to use US brand double -layer drilling fluid Shale Shaker. The client drilling machine supporting solid control system was updated and upgraded. He chose to use the GN Solids Control double -layer straight line Shale Shaker to replace the previous Shale Shaker. The reason is as follows:

1. Double -layer Shale Shaker supporting mechanical screening network fast pressing device, which can easily and quickly disassemble the screen, and the skin is durable. Compared with the traditional method, a total of at least 30%of the replacement screen time is shortened.

2. The screening area is large, and the straight line trajectory of high excitement is used. The excitement can reach 7.2G, which can meet the processing requirements of the drilling fluid when the large land rig and marine rigs are quickly drilled into the public.

GN Shale Shaker has comprehensively judged from the aspects of quality, performance and price, and has a very high cost performance. Therefore, European customers chose GN Solids Control.

GN Solids Control produces and sells more than 300 Shale Shaker each year. It is also exported to other solid control equipment such as residential snail centrifugal machines, centrifugal pumps, and mud agitator. If you have this need, please contact GN Solids Control.

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Jan 15

   Recently, GN Solids Control has completed a batch of drilling liquid shale shaker and mud cleaners that are satisfied with three petroleum drill drilling drilling mud. With the upgrade of GN  solids control technology, the product launched to customers this time is the new -generation J version solid control shale shaker. The upgraded J version of the shale shaker is greatly improved in the performance, the convenience of operation, and the durability, which can better meet the long -term stable use needs of drilling mud solid -control field operations.

       The solid control shale shaker is one of the core equipment of drilling mud solid control. I believe everyone is no stranger to shale shaker, because it is essential in oil drilling. When the drilling fluid is returned with a large amount of rock chips through the mud distributor, the first device entered is shale shaker. Its main function is to make preliminary coarse sieves on drilling mud, which mainly separate large granules. The number of shale shaker screen can be from the API 10 to the API 325, which can be selected according to different work choices, so that the shale shaker can be separated from the particle size range and meet the different requirements of customers for different scenes. GN SOLIDS Control sells more than 200 shale shakers each year, with mature production technology and excellent technical teams. Today, GN Solids Control’s technical team has developed a new generation of solid control shale shakers. Compared with the previous version of the shale shaker, the J version solid The main advantage of the control shale shaker is as follows:


1. The bottom frame adhesive adopts a new generation of patented technology, with good abrasion resistance, long service life, and convenient replacement.

2. It can facilitate the selection of drilling liquid shale shaker and mud cleaning device.

3. It can facilitate the customer’s shale shaker and installation of the negative pressure device, and convert it into a negative pressure shale shaker.

4. It can be more convenient to adjust the angle of the shale shaker box.

5. Shale shaker stainless steel bottom frame support device, which can better meet long -term marine drilling anticorrosion.

6. High -intensity imported well -known brand vibration spring, good performance, long service life.

     GN Solids Control is a professional solid control and waste processing equipment manufacturer. The equipment produced not only occupied a place in the domestic market, but also exported to more than 70 countries abroad. Its main products include shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, cleaning device, centrifugal pump, agitator, etc. The industry is developing, and the times have improved, and GN Solids Control has not stopped. In terms of quality, we strive to use users with peace of mind; in the intersection, we will actively cooperate with the project requirements; in terms of service, we will do our best to our customers; in terms of price, we will let customers get the most valuable products.

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Dec 29

Last week, GN Solids Control provided four 9 -inch snail centrifugal machines for a well -known European drilling company. This batch of centrifugal machines was preserved and delivered to customers on time. For decades, GN Solids Control has focused on the research and development and production of solid -liquid separation equipment. We have professional engineers and rich on -site experience. The combination of theory and practice has ensured that the technical advanced technology and high degree of fit on the spot. GN SOLIDS Control produces hundreds of centrifugal machines each year, of which 9 -inch horizontal snail centrifugal machines are one of the best -selling models. Most of these centrifuge machines are used for mining core drilling industries, and some are used for small laboratories for testing and testing.

GN Solids Control 9 -inch horizontal decanter centrifuge can also be called miniature centrifuge, because it is the smallest centrifugal machine we produce. Its drum is made of double -phase stainless steel centrifugal, and the performance is better; the spiral pusher is protected by a replaceable wear -resistant alloy tablet, with a long service life and easy to repair and replaced. In the case of adjustment of the dry and humidity of the material; three dynamic balance treatment before the centrifugal machine is out of the factory to ensure that the centrifuge operates stably under medium -speed and high -speed operating conditions.


According to the needs of customers, the centrifugal machines provided by the GN Solids Control have a base and bracket, so that the centrifuge can have a certain height from the ground, and the liquid can be easily stored in the mud can at the bottom.

These four focus are fixed -driven centrifugal machines, and drilling companies provide diesel generators for power supply. All systems are designed and manufactured in a compact way, reducing the area of the equipment itself, while facilitating customers to move.

In addition to the production of 9 -inch centrifugal machines, GN solid control also produces 14 -inch, 18 -inch, 22 -inch, and 30 -inch single -rolled snail centrifuge. These different drum diameter centrifugal machines will be used with shale shaker, vertical cutting dryer, centrifugal pumps and other equipment for different industries.

If you have the needs of solid -liquid separation equipment such as centrifuge, you are welcome to call the crown can be solid control.

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Dec 22

This week, GN Solids Control provided a batch of horizontal snail centrifugal machines and mud stirrers for well -known domestic marine drilling companies. These horizontal decanter centrifugal machines and mixers are designed to meet the marine drilling environment, with special lifting devices and marine explosion -proof and marine protection levels.

1. GN Decanter Centrifuge

Through the solid granules that can be separated from 2-5 microns through the horizontal decanter centrifuge, as this size solids is hardly be separated by shale shaker, compared to other solid fluid separation equipment, the horizontal snail centrifuge can be separated from small solid particles, thereby reducing the proportion of mud and restoring mud performance. At the same time, GN Solids Control can also provide other centrifugal populations, including 9 -inch, 14 -inch, 18 -inch, 22 -inch, and 30 inches to meet different operating conditions and processing requirements. The horizontal snail centrifugal machine that provides the marine drilling platform is 18 inches, and the processing volume is 60m³/h. Dual variable frequency control is controlled to meet the use of maritime drilling platforms. The turning drum of the GN reclining snail centrifuge is made of double -phase stainless steel centrifugal. The solid emissions port is protected by carbonized hard alloy suits. Film protection, long service life, and easy maintenance. For the drilling site, the continuous operation capabilities of the equipment will bring continuous benefits to customers and reduce losses caused by on -site stop work due to equipment failure.


2. GN mud agitator

The GN mud agitator is one of the important equipment for drilling liquid tank -type solid control systems. It is mainly used for mixing the drilling fluid to prevent the solid granules deposited in the tank circulation system, so that the performance of the circulating drilling solution is stable and mixed evenly. The GN mud mixer uses a diagonal gear reducer, the structure is compact, the meshing performance is good, and the work is reliable. The oblique gear decelerator runs smoothly and the noise is small; the tooth surface of the oblique gear decelerator is large, which reduces the load of each pair of gears and improves the carrying capacity of the gear; Instead of using the belt, the speed of stirring the impeller is constant; the stirring intensity is large, the range is wide, and the phenomenon of the current overloaded by the motor is avoided from the structural design. The motor is very convenient to place, install, adjust or replace.

GN Solids Control can not only provide a snail -snail centrifuge and mud mixer, but also provide drilling liquid vibration sieves, mud cleaners, vacuum gas device, centrifugal pump, mud jar and other solid control equipment. GN Solids Control can provide professional solutions and complete sets of drilling mud processing equipment.

GN Solids Control is a drilling solid control equipment manufacturer. After more than 10 years of continuous research and development and innovation, GN Solids Control has become a well -known brand in the domestic solid control equipment industry and overseas branches established in the United States and Russia.

If you have any needs for drilling mud treatment equipment, you are welcome to call to contact us.

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Dec 18

     Last week, GN Solids Control provided three well -known drilling companies with three anti -splash drilling liquid shale shakers and a mud cleaner. Meet the requirements for environmental protection treatment of mud.

1. GN drilling liquid shale shaker

     GN shale shaker use OLI or Martin motor in Italy, and Electric components use Siemens Schneid. The negative load design, the overall heat treatment of the sieve box, the maximum vibration strength can reach 8.0g, which meets the use of various operating conditions. Shale shaker is mainly used for first -class separation, separated solid particles with more than 100um, and at the same time, the number of sieved particles can be adjusted by regulating the number of mesons of the shale shaker. The assignor allocates the mud to the two shale shakers at the same time to increase the processing amount. The shale shaker of this supply has an anti -splash design to effectively prevent the material splashing, reduce the waste of mud, and protect the on -site operating environment and meet the needs of the owner.


2. GN mud cleaners

     The GN mud cleaners is a tight processing device. It is equipped with a sand removal and mud device on the shale shaker to form a compact integrated module. Compared with the use of shale shakers, sand removal and mud device, it saves a lot Use space and facilitate transportation. The mud cleaning device provided to customers is equipped with a 10-inch sand removal and a 4-inch mud removal flow. The sand removal can be separated from 40-60um solid particles. The above solid particles provide guarantee for subsequent mud recovery or the use of centrifuge.

      GN Solids Control is a professional solid liquid separation processing equipment supplier. The main parts of its production such as shale shaker, mud cleaners, centrifugal pumps, and snail centrifugal machines are widely used in drilling solution treatment. GN Solids Control also provides other solid -liquid separation devices in addition to providing shale shakers and mud cleaners. If you have this need, you are welcome to contact GN Solids Control.

written by GN solids Control

Oct 30

Last week, GN Solids Control provided a sludge pit to clean the vacuum pump and the residential snail centrifuge for a certain Asian customer for sludge dehydration treatment.

GN Solids Control Solid Vacuum Pump can transport materials with high transportation content and high density, such as pot mud, drilling rock crumbs, refinery waste, oil sludge treatment, etc. The valves, control boxes and other components of the GN mini solid vacuum pump are driven by pneumatic driving, which is safe and reliable in a non -explosion -proof environment. The vacuum pump provided to customers this time is used for the transportation of sludge in the sludge pit and replaced the excavators for conventional use. This can maintain the operating environment of the scene, reduce pollution, and improve efficiency.


The sludge drawn out by the GN vacuum pump is added with water and entered the rescuer of the Decanter Centrifuge for dehydration. It can get clean water and relatively dry sludge. This sludge can be directly treated in the next step. The horizontal screw pusher of the horizontal snail uses double -phase stainless steel 2205, which improves wear resistance and service life. The outlets are protected by carbonized wear -resistant alloy sets, and the continuous operation and use capabilities are stronger. GN Solids Control cooperates closely with world -renowned suppliers. For example, we use SKF brands in the main bearing, and we use Electric components to use Siemens, Schneider, ABB and other brands. Ensure the experience of the customer and meet the needs of customers.

If you are in the need for solid -liquid separation equipment or transportation equipment, please contact the GN Solids Control.

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Oct 19

In the oil industry, soil pollution is mainly derived from three parts of the landing crude oil and oil -containing sludge, drilling waste mud, and waste residue generated by oil -containing sludge in oil and gas production and processing. A large amount of pollution soil is generated. The GN Solids Control Environmental R & D team adopts the treatment of soil thermal leaching+ centrifugal separation for different types of oil -containing soil. It has the characteristics of large processing volume and significant effects. While ensuring the treatment of the standard Treatment has greatly reduced the total amount of oil -containing and reduced the cost of completely harmless treatment.

Last week, GN Solids Control provided a set of oil -free soil -free scrubbing equipment for Middle East customers. The main configuration is as follows:

Mine shale shaker module

Because the materials that need to be processed may contain large sundries such as large rocks and plastic breaking plastic, first use the crown energy mining shale shaker for rough sieve, eliminating these foreign objects that may affect the crushing effect or cause the crusher failure.

 Soil leaching module

The materials after the mining shaker were transmitted to the crusher through the spiral conveyor, and the feed port or the outlet is equipped with a strong magnet in the spiral conveyor to remove the iron impurities and protect the crusher. The crusher crushes and screens the large particles in the oil -containing soil, so that the solid particles in the material are not greater than 70mm.


After the material is crushed, the material is provided to the premature jar through the vacuum pump.

The material of the vibration sieve is transmitted to the two -phase horizontal decanter centrifuge to separate the solid fluid through the screw pump. Separate, so as to obtain pure oil and water and store them in the oil compartment and waterfront, respectively.

Chemical medicine module

During the work of the entire system, in order to achieve a better separation effect, special chemical agents need to be added to premature tanks, vibration sieve tanks or centrifuge imports to improve the separation effect of the equipment.

If you are related to the technology or related equipment in soil -cleaning, please contact GN Solids Control.

written by GN solids Control