May 22

GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of solids control and waste disposal equipment. GN Solids Control has extensive experience in the design, development and manufacture of solids control equipment, including but not limited to shale shaker, decanters, desanders, desilters, mud cleaners, agitators, cuttings dryers, centrifugal pumps , screw conveyors and mud tanks, etc.

Last week, GN Solids Control delivered a batch of mud mixers for an offshore drilling rig. This batch of mixers used a Helical Bevel Gearbox with a coupling connection. This makes the agitator small in size, light in weight, large in transmission torque and stable in starting. At the same time, it has the characteristics of low energy consumption, superior performance and low noise.

Mud mixers manufactured by GN Solids Control are available in single, double or multi-impeller versions for customers to choose from. The shaft length of the mud mixer can be adjusted and customized according to the actual tank depth on the customer’s site. Its main function is to prevent the sedimentation of drilling mud, and it plays a very important role in mud mixing, preparation and storage. GN Solids Control can also support the corresponding electronic control system for the mixer, and the explosion-proof standard can meet IEC Ex, ATEX, CNEX, etc.

In order to meet the use on offshore platforms, GN Solids Control uses international brand paint, primer, middle paint and topcoat to protect against rust due to long-term exposure to seawater.


In addition to mud mixers, GN Solids Control also provides other types of solids control equipment for offshore drilling platforms, such as shakers, mud cleaners, centrifugal pumps, centrifuges and more.

With the development and growth of the company, our personnel are constantly increasing, and the production and testing equipment is constantly improving to meet the needs of customers.

If you have any needs for solid control equipment, you are welcome to contact us.

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May 14

GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of decanter centrifuges. It has been committed to the design and development of decanter centrifuges for industrial separation for many years. After more than ten years of continuous development and innovation, GN Solids Control has sold its products to the world. Many countries and regions, and has been able to design and manufacture various types of centrifuges with drum diameters ranging from 200mm (9 inches) to 760mm (30 inches). Recently, our company has successfully produced a batch of portable micro decanter centrifuges for users for mining core drilling, and sent them to the customer’s site, and won the customer’s affirmation.

GN 220 series decanter centrifuges are small drum centrifuges with a drum size of 220mm (9 inches) and compact design. They are widely used for solid-liquid separation under conditions that require small throughput or limited space. This series of centrifuges is also a good choice for the experimental test of decanter centrifuges. According to different working conditions of customers, our company can also provide customers with three different control configuration options: constant speed control, frequency conversion control and full hydraulic control.


The drum material of GN220 series decanter centrifuge is made of two-way stainless steel SS2205, which is poured by centrifuge. In addition, the slag discharge port of the centrifuge and the slurry discharge port of the pusher are all protected by tungsten carbide carbide inlays, which have high durability and longer service life; the centrifuge pusher is protected by a replaceable wear-resistant alloy sheet, which can effectively extend the service life and easy maintenance. And GN Solids Control has a professional electrical department, which focuses on supporting professional PLC system and electronic control system for centrifuges, which greatly improves the practicability and operability of centrifuges.

In addition, GN Solids Control also provides equipment such as shale shaker / cutting dryer / screw conveyor, if you have related needs or questions, you can feel free to contact us.

written by GN solids Control

May 08

Oily sludge treatment systems from GN Solids Control are mainly used to treat oily sludge from drilling rigs, refineries and tank bottoms. It is specially designed for the treatment of oily sludge with high viscosity and high solid content. After being treated by GN oily sludge treatment system, three products of oil, water and solid waste can be obtained.

Last week, GN Solids Control provided international customers with a complete set of oily sludge treatment equipment, model GNOST-05B, whose main configuration includes:


1. 20-foot premix tank module

Because the sludge material that the customer needs to deal with has high solid content, high viscosity and poor fluidity, GN Solids Control has set up a pre-mixing tank module, and the tank surface uses 2 mixers and has a heating function at the same time. The material has good fluidity by stirring and heating and dilution, so that it can be transported to the vibrating screening module through a submersible pump.

2. Shale shaker module

The shale shaker produced by GN Solids Control can separate larger solid particles from the diluted sludge. This system uses a double-layer shale shaker, which has a better sludge screening effect. At the same time, GN also produces matching shaker screen to be used together. The screens produced by GN Solids Control conform to the API RP 13C standard, and are not only used by many domestic companies, but also used by a well-known foreign brand of shale shaker.

3. Decanter centrifuge + disc separator module

After being screened by the GN Solids Control vibrating screen, the sludge enters the decanter centrifuge for two-phase separation. The oil content of the solid phase is less than or equal to 5%, and the liquid phase is mainly oil and water, with a small amount of oil in the solid phase. The liquid phase is transported to the disc separator through the screw pump, and the three phases of oil, water and solid are obtained after being processed by the disc separator. Among them, the purity of oil products can be as high as 97%. Oil content in water is less than 3000ppm.

The oily sludge treatment system designed by GN Solids Control is of great significance for waste treatment, and can be used for reduction treatment while recovering a large amount of oil. Energy saving and emission reduction, waste utilization, and efficient recycling are in line with the current national requirements for the environmental protection industry.

If you have any needs about oily sludge treatment equipment and solutions, you are welcome to call GN Solids Control.

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Apr 27

Recently, GN Solids Control has successfully customized a set of automatic mud tank cleaning system for domestic offshore drilling platforms, which is mainly used in the automatic cleaning of mud tanks on offshore drilling platforms, effectively improving the cleaning efficiency of mud tanks and reducing the work of cleaning workers. Time, the equipment has been sent to the offshore drilling platform and the acceptance has been completed, which has been fully affirmed by the customer. This set of automatic tank washing system mainly includes the following module equipment contents.

1. Flushing module

This set of automatic tank washing system is equipped with two sets of high-pressure flushing pumps. The high-pressure pump is used to flush the mud that is difficult to clean in the mud tank, effectively reducing the time for workers to clean the mud deposited in the tank, improving work efficiency and effectively reducing labor costs. also GN supply centrifugal pump for mud transfer.


2. Mud suction module

Compared with the traditional conveying pump, the hose pump provided by our company has better self-priming ability and can effectively transport high specific gravity and high viscosity materials.

3. Mud purification module

The cleaned mud is solid-liquid separated by a high-efficiency inclined plate separator inclined plate settler produced by our company. The solid phase particles slide down the inclined plate into the sludge silo, and then pass through the low-speed screw conveyor at the bottom of the sludge silo. Push it to the discharge port for discharge. Our company also provides a chemical flocculation system for customers, which flocculates some fine solid phase particles into large solid phase particles to obtain better solid-liquid separation effect and separate more solid phase.

4. Mud storage and transportation module

The water treated by the mud purification module is stored in the mud storage tank for repeated mud tank cleaning.

5. Abandoned cuttings box module

The solid phase separated by the mud purification module is stored in the waste cuttings box, which is convenient for subsequent transportation and processing.

written by GN solids Control

Apr 24

GN Solids Control has just completed the production of a solids vacuum pump and a small decanter centrifuge for a foreign customer, which will be delivered next week. The cleaning of oil storage tanks and the pretreatment of solid waste are one of the more difficult tasks in tank cleaning operations. GN Solids Control has many years of successful experience in tank cleaning.

Mini Solids Vacuum Pump

GN Solids Control solid vacuum pumps are designed to transport high solids, dense materials such as tank bottom sludge, drilling cuttings, refinery waste and more. Valves, control boxes and other components of the vacuum pump are all driven by pneumatics, which are safe and reliable to use in non-explosion-proof environments. The processing capacity of this miniature solid vacuum pump is 5 m3/h. At the same time, GN Solids Control has designed a compact hoisting structure according to customer requirements, and installed surrounding brackets to facilitate on-site hoisting and lifting operations. The solid vacuum pump is equipped with several different types of suction ports, which can be selected by customers according to the on-site conditions. The vacuum pump can be controlled in two modes: manual control and automatic control. The run time includes suction and discharge time, which can be changed by two timers on the control box.

GN Solids Control produces decanter centrifuges with different spinning diameters, the smallest model is 9-inch spinning decanter centrifuges, which are mainly used for the separation of small flow mud such as diamond core drilling mud and mine tailings mud.


Mini Decanter Centrifuge

This 9-inch decanter centrifuge will be used for solid-liquid separation of the sludge in the tank after being sucked from the vacuum pump. It can rotate at a speed of 3800 rpm, and fine particles of about 2 microns are easily separated. Sometimes, according to the distribution of solid particles, GN Solids Control also provides a chemical dosing flocculation dewatering unit, adding a dosing port to the feeding port of the decanter centrifuge, and providing flocculant at the same time of feeding.

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Apr 14

GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of solids control equipment. After more than ten years of continuous development and innovation, GN Solids Control has accumulated rich experience in solids control equipment design and manufacturing, and has successfully sold our solids control equipment to In many countries and regions around the world, recently, our company has successfully customized a set of drilling cuttings drying shaker for domestic offshore drilling companies, and sent it to the customer site to complete the acceptance. This set of drilling cuttings drying system mainly includes the following equipment.

1. Drill cuttings drying shaker

GNZS594F drilling cuttings drying shale shaker is a single-layer drying shaker independently developed and produced by GN Solids Control. It is widely used in oil and gas drilling, large trenchless drilling rigs and screening and drying treatment in industrial separation. It can meet the requirements of large mud processing capacity. The drying shaker is mainly used to remove the harmful solid phase larger than 60 microns in the drilling mud. The screen box angle of the drying shaker adopts a mechanical synchronous adjustment design on both sides, which can meet the requirements of non-stop screen box angle adjustment. The exciting motor of the drying shaker All brands use Martin and Oli, and all electrical components use internationally renowned brands such as Siemens or Schneider, which greatly improves the stability of the shale shaker and effectively reduces the product failure rate.

2. Agitator

In order to prevent the mud from settling in the mud tank, our company installed a mud agitator on the top of the mud tank to evenly stir the mud in the mud tank.



3. Centrifugal pump

The Centrifugal pump is mainly used to transport drilling fluid mud, and can also be used as a slurry pump for centrifuges, desilters, desanders and other equipment. All GN Solids Control series Centrifugal pumps use mechanical seals, which effectively provide the service life of the equipment, and the parts of the Centrifugal pumps can be interchanged with some international well-known brands of Centrifugal pumps, which is convenient for customers to purchase and replace accessories.

4. Mud tank

The mud tank is mainly used to store the drilling mud screened by the drying shaker, and according to the requirements of the customer’s use environment, the mud tank is designed and produced according to the operation requirements of the offshore drilling platform.

written by GN solids Control

Apr 10

Adhering to the tenet of fully serving customers and delivering on time, GN Solids Control has overcome various situations brought about by the lockdown and control of the epidemic. Last week, GN Solids Control successfully sent two sets of ATEX explosion-proof standard decanters to a Middle East oil service company. Since the beginning of the year, GN Solids Control has sold and produced more than 50 decanters. centrifuge can use for solids control work and waste treatment request.

GN Solids Control is capable of producing European ATEX, IEC Ex and CNEX standard explosion-proof motor and electrical control boxes for global drilling companies and oil service companies. These two centrifuges are ATEX Zone 1 standard, equipped with variable frequency explosion-proof air conditioners, which can ensure that the centrifuges work at a high temperature of +55 °C. These two ATEX standard explosion-proof inverter centrifuges are equipped with 14-inch turning strands. In order to adapt to the harsh working environment, GN Solids Control’s decanter centrifuge is made of duplex stainless steel, and the screw feeder is inlaid with tungsten carbide alloy to protect the screw feeder from running for a long time and increase wear resistance. Sexual extension of life. The GN frequency conversion control box is equipped with an intelligent operation interface, which can change all the working parameters of the centrifuge or monitor the working conditions. The 2 main centrifugal bearings are installed with temperature sensors, the centrifugal frame is installed with vibration sensors, and the signal line is connected to the operation panel PLC. The PLC can also alarm the workers when an abnormality occurs.



GN decanter centrifuges are widely used in drilling mud solids control systems. The 18″ and 22″ spinning diameter centrifuges are also popular in barite recovery or drilling mud control or drilling cuttings waste disposal. GN Solids Control is able to supply a modular decanter unit including a stand, feed screw pump and collection tank. Other equipment such as drying vibrating screen, cuttings dryer, three-phase decanter centrifuge, etc. can also be used together with two-phase decanter centrifuge.

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Apr 05

GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of solid-liquid separation equipment. After more than ten years of development, the solid-liquid separation equipment produced by the company has been sold to many countries and regions around the world. Recently, our company has successfully customized for Australian customers. A set of construction mud solid-liquid separation equipment.

1. Linear dewatering shale shaker

GNLMZ1236 linear dewatering shale shaker is widely used in mineral processing, coal preparation, building materials, metallurgy and chemical industry for dewatering and separation. It adopts advanced design methods such as advanced finite element analysis and anti-fatigue analysis to ensure that the structure of the GNLM dewatering screen is reasonable. While reducing energy consumption, the dewatering and dry-discharging capacity can be increased, and according to customer requirements, the dewatering shale shaker can be customized according to customer conditions.

2, double-layer mud shale shaker

GNZS706 shale shaker belongs to GN double-layer shale shaker, which is widely used in piling shield mud treatment, large oil and gas drilling rig, large trenchless drilling rig, and screening treatment in industrial multi-stage separation.

 2022.01.13 Decanter Centrifuge

3. Mud cleaner

GNZJ703 mud cleaner is composed of three kinds of equipments: sand removal, mud removal and shale shaker. It has a compact structure design, which can effectively save working space. It is also equipped with a detachable cyclone bracket, which can also be modified into different working conditions. Shale shaker, desander, desilter use.

4. Decanter centrifuge

The diameter of the drum of GNLW553 centrifuge is 22 inches (550mm). It has a large capacity and can meet the needs of most working conditions. It is widely used in drilling mud, sewage treatment, mining separation and other fields. The drum is cast with SS2205 bidirectional stainless steel centrifuge The slag discharge port adopts a special tungsten carbide hard alloy sleeve, and the pusher adopts a replaceable wear-resistant alloy sheet, which has a long service life and is easy to maintain. , effectively prolong the service life.

Five, flocculation dosing system

In order to ensure the better dewatering performance of the centrifuge, our company also provides a professional automatic flocculation dosing system for customers, and modularizes the container of the centrifuge and the flocculation dosing system to facilitate transportation and protect the equipment.

written by GN solids Control

Mar 27

As a well-known domestic solids control equipment manufacturer, GN Solids Control not only has excellent production and processing capabilities in solid-liquid separation equipment, but also performs well in conveying equipment.

Last week, GN Solids Control delivered 2 fully hydraulic driven centrifuges and 2 solids vacuum pumps to the customer.

1. Full hydraulic drive centrifuge

GN Solids Control and the well-known Swiss centrifuge hydraulic drive system brands Viscotherm and ROTODIFF jointly developed a fully hydraulic drive centrifuge to meet the high standard needs of domestic and foreign customers. The rotary drum and the pusher are driven by the hydraulic drive system through two oil circuits to drive the ROTODIFF motor and the rotary drum. The advantages of a fully hydraulically driven centrifuge make it useful for the separation of heavy slurries in high temperature environments. During the operation of the centrifuge, the drum speed and the screw differential speed can be independently and continuously adjusted manually and steplessly. The compact single skid structure makes it easier to install in the field.



2. Solid vacuum pump

The unique structural design of the vacuum pump enables it to operate in a difficult environment with low maintenance rate, and can transport solid, liquid or solid-liquid mixture and high specific gravity materials with good fluidity at high speed. Its working principle is that the high-efficiency Venturi device generates up to 25 inches of HG vacuum to suction the material under strong airflow, which is a pure pneumatic device. The pump body has a compact structure and is suitable for conveying high-density materials. Mainly used for ship bottom cleaning, tank bottom cleaning, cuttings transportation, mud and tail slurry transportation and animal manure, etc. The supply models are GNSP20B and GNSP40B each. The treatment capacity is 20m³/h and 40m³/h respectively, and the suction and discharge distances are 50m and 500m respectively (take clean water as the standard for reference).

GN Solids Control has delivered various solids control equipment and conveying equipment to domestic and foreign customers for many years, and has won many high-quality praise from customers. If you have any inquiries about equipment needs or solutions in this regard, please contact us.

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Mar 20

GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of solids control equipment. After more than ten years of continuous development and innovation, GN Solids Control has accumulated rich experience in solids control equipment design and manufacturing. In the past few weeks, GN Solids Control has completed 4 sets of mud-water separation system for pipe jacking with 1000 GPM capacity, 1 set of 240 m3/h three-stage purification mud-water separation system and 3 sets of mud-water separation system for pipe jacking with 1500 GPM capacity for a customer in Southeast Asia .

1. 4 sets of GNMS-1000D pipe jacking mud-water separation systems include a double-layer shale shaker and 2 sets of 10-inch sand removal cyclones. The clean slurry treated by the bottom vibrating screen is equipped with a collection tank under the shale shaker. The slurry is sucked by a centrifugal pump and pumped into a desilting cyclone for secondary separation.


2. GNTBM-240 three-stage purification mud-water separation system, it is mainly composed of shale shaker, desander, desilter and 2 mud pumps. The three-stage purification mud-water separation system can handle large-particle mud. Most of the solids are first removed in the bottom coarse screen. In order to meet the requirements of high wear resistance, GN Solids Control engineers have made many special designs, such as the vibrating screen receiving bins are covered with wear-resistant PU, and the connection ports are also effectively protected.

3. In addition to the above separation systems, this project also includes 3 sets of GNMS-1500D pipe jacking mud-water separation systems. Similar to the 1000 GPM pipe jacking mud-water separation system, the GNMS-1500D also includes a double-layer shale shaker, 2 large 14-inch cyclones and a 75kw centrifugal pump.

4.GN Solids Control can provide standard mud treatment equipment as well as customized mud treatment system, welcome to consult.

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