A full hydraulic decanter centrifuge is a sophisticated piece of equipment widely employed in various industries for solid-liquid separation. It operates on the principle of centrifugal force to separate solids from liquids based on their different densities. The centrifuge consists of a rotating bowl, a conveyor system, and a hydraulic control mechanism that regulates its operation.

Key Components:

  1. Rotating Bowl: The heart of the decanter centrifuge, the rotating bowl, is where the separation process occurs. It spins at high speeds, generating centrifugal force that pushes denser solids towards the bowl’s periphery while allowing the liquid phase to accumulate in the center.
  2. Conveyor System: Positioned within the rotating bowl, the conveyor system transports the separated solids towards the discharge end of the centrifuge. The conveyor’s speed can be adjusted to control the residence time of the solids in the bowl, optimizing the separation efficiency.
  3. Hydraulic Control System: Unlike other types of centrifuges that may use electric or manual controls, a full hydraulic decanter centrifuge relies on a hydraulic control system for precise operation. This system regulates the bowl speed, conveyor speed, and other operational parameters, ensuring optimal performance and flexibility in handling various feed materials.


Full hydraulic decanter centrifuges find applications across a wide range of industries, including:

  • Wastewater Treatment: Used for sludge dewatering and clarification in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants.
  • Oil and Gas: Essential for separating solids from drilling mud, recovering valuable solids from drilling fluids, and clarifying produced water.
  • Food and Beverage: Employed for clarifying juices, extracting solids from food processing streams, and dewatering food waste.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Used in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes for separating solids from liquid suspensions and purifying pharmaceutical compounds.
  • Chemical Processing: Utilized for separating solid impurities from chemical process streams and recovering valuable products.


  • Efficient Solid-Liquid Separation: Full hydraulic decanter centrifuges offer high separation efficiency, enabling the removal of fine solids and achieving desired levels of liquid clarity.
  • Versatility: These centrifuges can handle a wide range of feed materials, including slurries, suspensions, and emulsions, making them suitable for diverse industrial applications.
  • Precise Control: The hydraulic control system allows for precise adjustment of operational parameters, ensuring optimal performance and adaptability to varying process conditions.

In summary, full hydraulic decanter centrifuges are indispensable tools for solid-liquid separation in industries requiring high efficiency, versatility, and precise control over the separation process.

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