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Introduction of GN sohttp://gnsolidscontrol.com/lids control armored mud recovery system

First, the mud recovery system

The GN solids control armored mud recovery system is a mud circulation system that is designed and manufactured by GN Company according to the user’s requirements and according to the customer’s specific requirements for the treated mud. The system utilizes the flocculation dosing system to improve the processing capacity of the centrifuge. The system is powered by the GNG30A-075/GNG30A-075D screw pump. The user can select different dosing positions and dosing types of the flocculation system to make the mud have Different flocculation effects, so that the mud centrifuge achieves the desired satisfactory treatment effect, and the treated particulate matter is excluded from the system by the screw conveyor.

Mud recovery system

Second, the basic performance of the mud recovery system

1. The system has two warehouses: one is the mixing chamber, and the other is the storage chamber after the mud treatment; the whole system can remove most of the solid particles above 2μm after being processed by the centrifuge.

2. The mixing tank is equipped with a heating rod, and the customer can also replace the heating rods of different models and powers according to the needs of use.

3, design mud processing capacity: 5 m3 / h, rated mud processing capacity: 5m3 / h, adapt to the environment: -15 ° ~ 50 °.

4. Adapt to mud viscosity: ≤45 S.

5. Adapt to climatic conditions: rain, snow, fog weather.

6. It can work continuously under rated power.

7. Working height range: It can work normally at altitude ≤ 2500 m, and it can work effectively when the altitude is ≥ 2500 m.

8. All equipments of the system are mature technology new products, and the technical performance meets the relevant requirements of SY/T5612-2007 “Design Specification for Petroleum Drilling Fluid Solid Phase Control Equipment”.

9. The whole machine has reasonable design, compact structure, flexible combination, advanced technology, convenient operation and maintenance, and safe and reliable performance.

10. The system is easy to dispatch, transfer and transport, and can meet the domestic and foreign road transport regulations.

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Feb 12

GN vertical dehumidifier uses centrifugal force to drain oil-based or synthetic-based drill cuttings. Stainless steel nets separate the “wet” solids and accelerate them to 900rpm. with G power of 420 G or super high speed of 1200 rpm. / min with a G force of 750 G. Liquid is passed through a hole in the grid, while “dry” solids are extracted using an angled flight attached to a cone that rotate somewhat slower than a rotor. The scraper is protected by a coating with carbide tungsten of abrasive solids and provides a long service life. This helps in keeping a constant gap between the scraper and the mesh, which is crucial for proper operation.

For waste management,normally client will use centrifuge together with vertical cutting dryer

Worker Show on GN Vertical Dryer Oil Based Waste Recycling Before Recycling After Recycling, OIL Content: 2.9% water based. So he meets the customer’s requirement to use one system for recycling with a lonely good result, without changing the treatment method for various drilling waste.

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Feb 12

In the past, CIPPE 2018 in March of this year, GN Solid Management, showed an installation to install an oil sludge set to 1 set. This unit has all the necessary functional device for extracting oil from the oil sludge; it can be used in a small-scale oil sludge purification system or as a demonstration device for the user to check if the GN solution can solve the problem of oil sludge disposal. Many visitors to the GN booth have shown their interest in trying this equipment. One of the visitors contacted GN several days after the show and placed an order for this system. This sludge treatment unit consists of a pre-mix procedure, two-phase separation and three-phase separation. The main technologies used are flushing flushing for demulsifying and separating oil for different phases, such as oil, water and solids. The goal is to recover as much oil as possible and to get as little waste as possible.

Customer feedback suggests that the treatment of waste sludge, installed at GN, provides an effective solution for treating waste oil sludge in a well at the place of its installation. They are considering the possibility of starting further cooperation with GN by placing an order for a GN-type sludge treatment system with a large processing capacity.

The pre-mix procedure applies a pre-mix tank with a heat system, as well as a chemical dosing system. Oil sludge must be with a certain liquidity for easy transportation and mixing with chemicals.

The GN Mini Shale shaker GNZS752 and the 9-inch GNLW224 decantation centrifuge are basic equipment used in two-phase separation mode, this is the main GN product that has been approved with good performance and quality. sludge.

The images here show oil, water and solids discharged from the three-phase separation process. In this step, a disk centrifuge is used to receive the liquid discharged from the decantation centrifuge. When operating at high speeds, a disk centrifuge can effectively recover the oil from the slurry. GN can provide a larger capacity sludge treatment system to help the customer recover the oil and get more benefits. For more information, please feel free to contact GN

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Jan 20

GN Solids Control is a manufacturer of solid-liquid separation equipment and waste mud environmental treatment equipment, and can provide various qualification certification and quality certification equipment worldwide. It has been exported to more than 70 countries and regions, and its products are distributed in many mud treatment construction sites around the world. Some parts of the GN Solids Control waste mud treatment system are: 1. Dry sieve. 2. Centrifuge. 3. Flocculation and drug treatment equipment. 4. Mud conveying equipment. 5. Mud mixing module. 6. Store the transfer module. The most important core equipments are dry sieve module, centrifuge module and flocculation dosing module. This paper mainly introduces flocculation and dosing module system.

Dewatering Unit
Dewatering Unit

GN Solids Control GNDU2000R Series The 20-foot-box flocculation dosing system is automatically equipped with a chemical flocculant to assist the decanter centrifuge to separate fine particles from the mud, resulting in relatively clean water for wastewater reuse. Or used for sludge separation, separation of oil and cement and other fine particle separation needs.

By using the GN Solids Control GNDU2000R series of 20-foot containerized flocculation dosing system with GN Solids Control high-speed variable frequency decanter centrifuge, the ultra-fine particles in water-based drilling mud can be separated to meet the requirements of recycled water. For waste mud treatment systems, the Crown Flocculation dosing system is especially important to help the centrifuge process the mud to be clean and to reduce the generation of drilling waste. Thereby reducing the overall disposal cost of the post-disposal slurry.

Description of the operation of the GN Solids Control PAM automatic flocculation dosing system:

During the automatic dispensing of the medicament, the operator adds the medicament to the medicament configuration box. After starting the system, the medicament is mixed with water and first enters the stirring solvent tank, where it is thoroughly stirred and mixed by the agitator; After the box is full, it will overflow to the ripening solvent tank, and then mix and mix again here; after the ripening solvent tank is full, it will overflow to the drug storage box, and the configured liquid can be added. The medicine pump is put into the dosing point, and the fine particles are flocculated to accelerate the precipitation to maximize the solid discharge in the waste mud.

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Jan 13

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5, main bearing lubricant flow, liquid level monitoring


The flowmeter and the liquid level switch are installed on the lubrication station of the centrifuge; the flow rate of the lubricating oil is monitored, and the shutdown protection program is started when the liquid level is low.


6, the feed flow meter


A feed flow meter is installed at the feed end of the centrifuge to monitor the feed flow rate of the centrifuge in real time.


7, the feed pump requires frequency conversion.


The feed pump is a variable frequency controlled mud pump. The speed determines the flow rate and the motor speed can be adjusted to control the flow.


8, security


8.1 Main bearing temperature protection: The main bearing is installed with a thermocouple to measure the temperature, the temperature reaches 85 degrees alarm, and 95 starts the shutdown protection program.

8.2 Vibration protection: The vibration switch is installed on the body. When the vibration is greater than 7.1 mm / s, when the vibration is greater than 10 mm / sec, the shutdown protection program is started.

8.3 Torque overload protection: When the torque of the motor is greater than 90%, the flow rate of the feed pump is automatically reduced. When the torque of the motor is greater than 110%, the shutdown protection program is started.

8.4 Lubricating oil level protection: When the liquid level is low, the centrifuge starts the shutdown protection program.

8.5 Start interlock protection: There is a start and stop interlock protection program in the PLC program. The start can only start the auxiliary machine first, then start the main machine, then start the feed pump; stop it can only stop the feed pump first, then stop Host, then stop the auxiliary machine.

8.6 Motor temperature protection: When the motor temperature is higher than the set alarm value, the alarm is displayed on the HMI. When the motor temperature is higher than the set stop value, the shutdown protection program is started.


9, automatic stop design when blocking(Explosion Proof Pressurized VFD Control Panels)


When the material is blocked, the current and torque will be overloaded. At this time, the PLC and the inverter will start the automatic stop protection function.


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Jan 06

In recent years, GN Solids Control has developed construction waste mud treatment equipment for construction waste mud generated from subways, tunnels, bridges, and slotted continuous walls. The main equipments include centrifugal separation device and chemical treatment device, which can realize automatic operation, energy saving, emission reduction, high efficiency and environmental protection. It solves the construction environmental problems for the majority of users and reduces the construction difficulty.

Introduction to automatic control of mud centrifuge separation system:


1, speed, differential speed, differential speed detection


Drum speed, auxiliary machine speed, differential speed are monitored by PLC in real time and displayed in real time on HMI; differential speed = (drum speed – auxiliary motor input speed) / differential differential ratio.


  1. After each run is completed, the automatic cleaning line needs to be run.


The selection buttons “stop flushing” and “stop no flushing” are set on the HMI. The user can select according to the actual situation; the shutdown flushing process is: after stopping the liquid supply pump 30S, the flushing valve (electric) is turned on, and the flushing valve is closed after 10 minutes. (Electric), then stop the main motor for 20 seconds and stop the auxiliary motor after 30 seconds.


3, vibration monitoring


A vibration switch is installed on the centrifuge body. When the vibration is greater than 7.1 mm/s, the vibration protection is activated when the vibration is greater than 10 mm/sec.


4, spindle bearing temperature


The main bearing at both ends of the drum is equipped with a thermocouple to measure the temperature, the temperature reaches 85 degrees alarm, and 95 starts the shutdown protection program.


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Jan 01

GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of drilling mud solids control equipment. It currently produces equipment in more than 70 countries and regions around the world, providing drilling solids control equipment for dozens of oilfield service providers around the world. The after-sales service has a global radius, responding 24 hours a day to customers around the world, and fulfilling the after-sales service commitment within 72 hours. Four important branch structures have been established around the world, with the United States, Russia, Dubai, and North Africa as parts supply and after-sales services.


The following is a very simple and practical mud mixing system:

System components:


  1. Armoured mud tank device: size 8000*2600*2200mm, volume 20 cubic meters, armored design for transportation and hoisting and mobile construction projects. The round mud mixing tank has no dead angle design, the mud is evenly stirred, and the mud condition is beneficial to the drilling construction service. It includes convenient design such as ladders, walkways, guardrails, manifolds and valves.
  2. Mud transfer pump: GNSB6*5C-13J, motor power 45kw, conveying capacity 150 cubic meters / hour. The main purpose is to transport the mud to carry the mud material in the funnel into the mixing tank.
  3. Mixing hopper: GNSLS045A, mainly used for adding dry powder mud materials.

      4. mud agitator: GNJBQ075DD, motor power 7.5kw, speed 60 rev / min, double impeller, mainly the mixing and miscibility of the dry powder slurry material and water.

  1. Electronic control system: It is mainly to control the explosion-proof control system of the above equipment that needs mud mixing work.

In the drilling environment, the uniformity of the mud will greatly affect the drilling work. In order to ensure the mud supply flow and quality, the mud mixing should be taken seriously.


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Dec 23

GN Solids Control is the first manufacturer of mud solid-control equipment in the country to pass the EU CE certification export standard qualification. The EU’s export certification standard is undoubtedly a high standard of internationalization. Through years of hard work and practice, GN Solids Control has been unanimously recognized and praised by European certification bodies, and won the continuous orders of European users. GN manufacturing is undoubtedly the first professional manufacturing of China’s drilling solid control equipment into the European market. Business. China’s high-end equipment manufacturing industry is generally lower than the manufacturing level of European and American countries. Starting late, unable to master the core technology is a high threshold for many manufacturers. GN Solids Control is the first to go abroad and actively learn to innovate. After more than 10 years of efforts, GN produces Equipment has been exported to more than 70 countries and regions around the world.


At present, GN Solids Control has researched and researched various fields in the international market this year, and has developed a variety of mud processing equipments with world-class levels. Centrifugal sand is one of the core products with high standards, high performance and wide use.


GNSB series centrifugal pumps are mainly used for mud and sewage transportation. They can be used as mud supply for solid-liquid separation equipment, including desanders, desilters, centrifuges, filter presses, filters, mixing funnels, etc. All GN Solids Control centrifugal pumps are mechanically sealed and the wear parts are cast from wear-resistant alloy ductile iron. The base is integrally cast, and the GN centrifugal pump has the advantages of high interchangeability and high universality. The material has high hardness and wear resistance and has a service life of more than 20% higher than that of ordinary sand pumps.


As a widely used pump, centrifugal pumps are used in different scenarios in the global market. GN Solids Control also considers the after-sales maintenance requirements while producing pumps. GN Solids Control’s pump parts can be combined with some international brands Li Xin Pump 100% interchangeable to improve pump efficiency

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Dec 16

GN solids control recently developed a set of waste sludge treatment equipment in cooperation with well-known environmental protection service companies in the United States. It has entered the experimental stage and has achieved remarkable results. At present, we have reached a strategic cooperation intention with the US environmental service provider. We provide specialized waste sludge treatment equipment, and the other party uses our equipment to do business work on sludge treatment in the Chinese market. The other party is mainly responsible for environmental protection treatment for oil field abandoned sludge, refinery abandoned sludge, and oil plant contaminated ground soil.


The main components of the GN solid control sludge treatment system:


1, sludge premixed heating, stirring, insulation, conditioning equipment.transfer by vacuum pump

  1. Shaker screen for coarse filtration transfer device.

3, the first grade sludge fine processing device.

As shown in Fig. 4, a second-stage sludge treatment device, a chemical dosing system.

5, oil and cement three-phase separation device, dosing device.

As shown in Fig. 6, the oil-cement three-phase separation secondary filtration device and the standby fine processing device.

As shown in Figure 7, the water treatment air flotation device.

8, oil, water, mud storage relay device.

This system can effectively separate the oil substances in the waste and recycle them to improve the economic benefits of customers.

Sludge treatment system treatment process:


  1. The sludge enters the premixing heating and tempering device for heating and emulsification dilution treatment.
  2. The emulsified and diluted sludge passes through a transfer pump and enters a screening and filtering device for coarse filtration to remove large particles, and the liquid is collected into a bottom storage tank.
  3. The sludge liquid of the sieving storage tank is sent to the first-stage fine processing equipment for the first-stage solid-liquid separation treatment.

As shown in FIG.

4, the separated liquid is subjected to the medicinal conditioning to enter the secondary fine solid-liquid separation treatment.

  1. After the treatment, the clean oil is added to the three separation devices through the dosing to carry out the oil and cement three-phase separation treatment.

6, the oil is recycled, and the water is purified by an air flotation device.

As shown in Fig. 7, all of the discharged solids were collected in a concentrated manner, and then subjected to a post-process detoxification treatment.

The core equipment in the system is manufactured by GN solids control to ensure system stability and post-maintenance.

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Dec 09

GN Solids Control is the largest manufacturer of mud processing equipment in the industry. The recently developed mud tank washing system has been on the market for nearly 2 years and has been highly evaluated by customers. The cleaning system is light and convenient, saving labor and timeliness. Sex, cleanliness and cleanliness have a more outstanding performance. Efficient cleaning of multiple mud tanks during on-site use can replace the normal cleaning work of three shifts, saving labor and efficiency and saving energy.


The GN Solids Control GNTC-30B automated wash tank system is a closed loop system for continuous cleaning of mud tanks, tanks, and chemical tanks. The washing tank system supplies clean water to the high-pressure washing machine installed on the mud tank, and the combined pump pumps the sewage back to the washing tank system for filtration and separation, and the clean water is sent back to the high-pressure washing machine for further circulation. With GN Solids Control’s tank washing system, water consumption can be reduced and labor costs can be reduced. The GNTC-30B automated tank washing system can handle up to 30 m3/h.

GNTC-30B main technical parameters:


1, clean water storage volume: 7.5 m3


  1. Sewage treatment capacity: 30 m3/h


3, system size: 3499x2758x3207mm


4, system weight: 6500 KG


5, the total power: 26.5 Kw


6, the number of pumps: 1 sand pump; 1 vacuum pump, 1 pneumatic diaphragm pump


  1. The system contains the necessary motor and electronic control. The Chinese explosion-proof standard can be applied to the explosion-proof of Zone I.


The GNTC-30B workflow is as follows:


1) Centrifugal pump (10) Extract clean water from buffer tank (8), supply high pressure washing tank equipment (2) for cleaning mud tank (1). 2) Vacuum pump (4) Extract waste water from mud tank (1). Install a filter (3) between the mud tank (1) and the vacuum pump (4). It is used to filter coarse particles and protect the pump and desilter in the system to reduce wear. 3) The vacuum pump (4) pumps the sewage to the desilter (5) for separating fine particles. 4) The fine particles separated by the mud remover (5) are pumped into the cuttings box (9) through the diaphragm pump (7). 5) The clear water overflowing from the mud remover (5) will enter the inclined plate settlement (6) , further remove precipitated solids. 6) Clear water separated from the sloping plate settlement (6), overflow into the buffer tank (8) 7) Diaphragm pump (7) Conveying the sloping plate (6) Separated sludge containing large particles is transported to the cuttings box ( 9)

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