Jan 09

In November 2019, GN Separation was divided into two routes. In addition to participating in the 2019 Indian IFAT environmental protection exhibition in India, another colleague brought separation conveying equipment (including a decanter centrifuge and a solid vacuum pump) to participate in the 2019 Italian Green Technology Environmental Protection Exhibition. GN Separation Separation and Conveyance Equipment Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of GN Solids Control. It continues to focus on the development and manufacture of separation and conveying equipment for the environmental protection industry.


On November 5-8, 2019, GN Separation placed the GN “Star Product”-GNLW224EP-VFD Series Horizontal Screw Centrifuge-GNSP-10B Solid Vacuum Pump during the Green Technology and Environmental Protection Exhibition in Italy 2019 GN Separation integrates R & D, design, manufacturing, sales and service. Its products serve more than 60 countries and regions in the world. It has formed a well-known domestic and foreign high-end distribution brand, GN Separation. 70% of the company’s products are exported to the international market and have been sold to more than 60 countries and regions in the world, including the United States, Australia, the Middle East, Russia, Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions.


GMLW224EP centrifuge is one of the smallest industrial centrifuges in the world. It can be used as a test widely dispersed drilling mud treatment, sewage environmental protection treatment, oily sludge treatment, chemical and food and beverage industry solid-liquid separation. GNLW224EP-VFD series decanter centrifuge is designed for a single processing capacity of 5m3 / h, and its design maximum variable is 5000RPM. Adopting frequency conversion control, the conventional conversion is adjustable between 0-4500RPM. The maximum separation factor is 3077G, and the diameter of the separated particles is 2-5 μm. GNSP-10B solid vacuum pump is a high-definition and strong suction vacuum conveying pump, also called solid conveying pump or drill cuttings conveying pump. Its unique structure design enables it to work in the most difficult environments, with low maintenance rate and high speed. Conveying more than 80% of solid phase materials and high specific gravity materials. The high-efficiency Venturi device can generate up to 10 meters of water column vacuum to transport materials under strong air flow, with almost no wear parts. The pump body has a compact structure and is suitable for conveying high-density materials. Commonly used for drilling cuttings and oily sludge.

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Dec 31

Recently, GN Solids Control completed the design and manufacture of a sludge treatment unit for an oilfield environmental protection unit. Since the sludge treatment system was put on the market, it has received extensive attention from customers in the industry, and the feedback from the market on-site operation is good. More and more oilfield environmental protection business contractors use this system as an important solution to efficiently and economically reduce the content of harmful substances in sludge.

The oil sludge treatment system has two separation principles of chemical action and physical separation procedure, and consists of several modules with different functions to gradually recover the water and oil in the sludge. Here is an introduction to the system:

Sludge vacuum extraction module——The sludge from oil-based mud drilling cuttings has high viscosity and large sludge content, and requires a powerful and efficient conveying device to send sludge from the sludge pit to the sludge treatment system. GN Solids Control Sludge Vacuum Pump is a full pneumatic conveying pump without electrical components. It does not generate any sparks during use, and is especially suitable for oil and gas explosion-proof environments. The vacuum degree of 85Kpa can suck and discharge viscous sludge sludge to a long distance.

Pre-mixing module—Before the sludge is sent to the separation module, the material needs to be homogeneously mixed to a liquid content of more than 80%. At the same time, in order to enhance the separation effect of oil and mud, chemical agents need to be added during the homogeneous mixing process.

Separation module-GN Solids Control uses different separation equipment to separate oil and water from the sludge step by step. This design guarantees the continuity of the construction process, and the load of each step process is accurately calculated to avoid bottleneck processes. Shale shaker are used for two-phase separation of coarse solids and liquids. The centrifuge can remove most of the fine solids in the wastewater discharged by the shale shaker, so that the three-phase disc separator will not be overloaded when separating oil, water and ultra-fine solids. GN Solids Control innovatively arranges the swash plate sedimentation device between the centrifuge and the three-phase disc player to ensure that the three-phase disc machine works normally without blocking.

This set of sludge treatment system is very complete in configuration, covering almost all sludge separation equipment, and has very complete functions. Under the premise of ensuring complete functions, GN Solids Control has accurately designed the sludge system, so that all equipment is installed on 3 skids, which has the characteristics of compact structure and convenient transportation. More question welcome contact GN solids control

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Dec 27

Non-excavation construction is a horizontal drilling project applied to construction or infrastructure projects. During non-excavation construction, drilling mud needs to be used to ensure the performance of the non-excavation rig. To make drilling mud reusable and reduce drilling costs, contractors often use mud recovery systems to recover drilling mud.

GN Solids Control has more than ten years of experience in the design and manufacture of mud recovery systems. Especially in non-excavation projects, it has multiple bell compact mud systems available for customers to choose from. According to the different requirements of users and the site area limitation, GN Solids Control can provide different configurations of mud recovery devices to meet the requirements of different working conditions. There are usually two types of mud purification systems suitable for non-excavation construction: one is a sand removal cyclone purification system, and the other is a self-contained mud recovery system.

The desander system has a small footprint and is economical. The system consists of a cyclone and a shaker, both of which are mounted on a small collection tank. The sand removal cyclone purification system is a two-stage separation device whose function is to remove coarse particles from drilling mud. The sand removal cyclone purification system is mainly used in projects that can accept large-diameter solid drilling mud, such as piling projects.

GN Solids Control’s self-developed high-grade mud recovery system can be divided into four stages: coarse rock cuttings, sand, mud, and ultra-fine solids. The mud tank of the high-equipped mud recovery system is larger and has enough space to store the purified drilling mud. At the same time, it has more tank surface space for more separation and purification equipment. When the tank surface space is sufficient, the customer can also choose a centrifuge to reduce the ultra-fine solid phase in the drilling mud to avoid the ultra-fine solid phase from being concentrated in the drilling mud. GN Solids Control not only has standard model solids control system optional, but also provides custom designed mud recovery system for customers to purchase. If you have any such requirements, please feel free to contact us.

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Dec 19

Recently, GN Solids Control shipped a set of sludge treatment system to a China domestic customer. At present, the system has been completely installed and commissioned.

This sludge treatment plant is mainly used for recovering oil from industrial oily sludges such as oily sludge produced at the drilling site, and oil sludge from refinery tank cleaning. After treatment, the recovered oil can be used as fuel or sold for profit; the oil content in the recovered water and solids is small, and it is easy to detoxify by further processes.

The GN Solids Control sludge treatment system is a stepped three-phase separation system. It mainly consists of the following modules:

Premixing module — The premixing module is used to collect sludge. Different sources of sludge have different solid contents and different viscosities. This will pose a huge challenge to sludge treatment. The GN Solids Control sludge separation system requires the solids content of the feed sludge to be less than 20%. Therefore, in the mixing module, the operator needs to add water to dilute the sludge, and at the same time, the chemicals and the diluted sludge can be fully mixed and stirred.

Large particle separation module-A drilling fluid shale shaker is installed in this module to remove large particles of solids in sludge, thereby reducing solids content. This procedure can greatly reduce the workload of subsequent sedimentation centrifuges.

Solid-liquid separation module-a decanter centrifuge in this module is used to remove fine particles from the material. This module mainly separates the mixed liquid (water-oil mixture) and solids. The separated sludge is returned to the homogenizer for washing, and the liquid is sent to the next step for further processing.

Three-phase separation module-disc high-speed separator is used for three-phase separation of oil, water and ultra-fine solids. During this process, the solid content of the feed mixture should be less than 3%, and the solid size should be less than 400 microns.

For the transportation of sludge materials, we recommend the use GN vacuum pumps, which are suitable for high-risk gas explosion-proof areas. In addition, we also provide container-type chemical dosing devices for adding chemicals to sludge treatment systems.

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Dec 09

Non-excavation mud clean system is an important part of the GN Solids Control system. Based on its compact structure, small footprint and high efficiency, it is widely used in mud treatment in urban infrastructure construction. As a country with rapid development of infrastructure construction, the construction of underground pipeline networks in urban infrastructure construction in India has also become very busy. Underground pipeline network construction is carried out by non-excavation companies after winning the bid, so non-excavation companies generally have multiple rigs and purification systems. Generally, each drilling rig needs to be equipped with a mud recovery system, corresponding to the processing capacity of the related drilling rig. GN Solids Control has exported multiple HDD mud recovery systems to India.

The standard non-excavation mud recovery machine system consists of mud recovery equipment, mud mixing equipment and mud collection tanks. Unlike the mud recovery device in the oil and gas drilling industry, non-excavation drilling first discharges the mud back to the mud pit on the ground, and then uses a vertically installed submerged slurry pump to transfer the mud to the mud recovery system. Purification system, Shale Shaker, Desander, Desilter, and progressive removal of rock cuttings and solid waste. This is a standard configuration. If there are higher separation requirements, we will add a centrifuge to the system as a fourth-stage processing equipment to control the solid particle diameter of the slurry at 5-10 microns.

The size of the mud tank usually depends on the size of the rig and the volume of mud that needs to be stored. On the mud tank, a stirrer and a mud gun are needed to stir the mud to suspend the solids in the mud. To configure the proper mud, a jet mixing system is needed to add chemicals to maintain the properties of the mud.

GN Solids Control high-profile mud recovery bears have different sizes and design schemes and are widely used in oil and gas drilling, non-excavation drilling, piling, TBM and other separation projects. GN Solids Control is pleased to provide you with professional products and configuration information about mud recovery systems, please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

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Dec 03

GN Solids Control drill cutting dryer is widely used in oil-based mud drilling sites around the world. Recently, our after-sales engineers conducted customer return visits to several sets of drill chip dryers sold to Xinjiang. Received good reviews from customers.

The drill cuttings dryer is designed to further process the cuttings discharged from the shale shaker of the solid control system to recover more drilling mud and reduce waste emissions. Greatly reduce waste disposal costs and save consumption of drilling fluid base fluid. GN Solids Control vertical cuttings dryer can reduce the oil content of cuttings(OOC) to less than 5%.

GN Solids Control can provide screw conveyors for receiving and feeding, or drill cutting conveying pumps. Drilling cutting dryer, decanter centrifuge, slurry feed screw pump, installation tank and bracket, discharge screw conveyor and corresponding quick-mount bracket. Meet the requirements of customers’ overall solutions.

1: Screw Conveyor——According to the layout of the on-site mud recovery system, GN Solids Control provides lifting support legs for screw conveyor installation, which are used to collect drilling debris from the mud system, especially the first-level shale shaker, and transport it to the rock cuttings. Dry machine. If more flexible equipment layout is needed on site, GN Solids Control recommends replacing the screw conveyor with a sludge vacuum pump.

2: Rock cuttings dryer-Rock cuttings dryer is the key equipment of the system. It is used to shake off the oil and liquid in the cuttings by centrifugal force, thereby reducing the oil content of the cuttings by less than 5%. GN Solids Control’s cuttings dryer is equipped with an air knife and flushing system to ensure that the dryer runs for a long time without blocking the screen basket. Speeds of up to 900 rpm ensure the dryness of the cuttings discharged from the cuttings dryer.

3: High-speed Decanter centrifuge—The liquid discharged from the drill cuttings dryer is pumped to the Decanter centrifuge for processing, removing ultra-fine solids, so that the drilling fluid can continue to be used for drilling.

In addition to the integrated drilling drying system, GN Solids Control can also provide a modular design, that is, each equipment is equipped with a corresponding installation tank or bracket, which is convenient for customers to make different combinations or use equipment individually according to the working conditions.

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Nov 27

This week, at the GN Solids Control workshop, a drilling rig mud recycling system is in the factory trial assembly, and the system will be shipped to a drilling company from Hebei.China, GN Solids Control has more than 10 years of experience in customizing mud circulation systems.

This mud recycling system contains four levels of solid control equipment. The main supporting equipment is as follows:

1: Two drilling fluid shale shakers GNZS703F are used for the first-level solid control treatment. A mud distribution pipe is provided between the two shaker screens, which can evenly distribute drilling mud to the two shaker screens. GN Solids Control drilling fluid shaker screen has a simple structure and uses patented net sealing technology to ensure stable performance.

Two: GNZJ752-2S desilter and GNZJ752F-12N desilter are designed as small cleaners, and the area of ​​underflow screen is 1.4m2, which is about the same as that of conventional desilter and desilter underflow screens, and it also reduces the area reasonably . With this small shaker, the sludge discharged from the cyclone will be dried again to recover more drilling fluid and reduce waste emissions. All GN Solids Control shaker screens use composite screens for long life and good rust resistance.

Three: GNLW452 decanter centrifuge, can be used for heavy stone recovery or fine particle separation. All GN Solids Control decanter centrifuges use hard alloy plates to protect the screw blades and solid exhaust wear-resistant sleeves, which can ensure stable operation at low cost for a long time.

All mud recycling solid control equipment is installed on 3 mud tanks, including mud circulation and mud mixing. This mud system is equipped with a total of 3 sand pumps, 2 of which are used to feed the slurry to the cyclone, and the other is connected to the mud bucket for mud mixing.

Prior to shipment, all mud recycling systems at the GN Solids Control plant will be tested for installation, equipment will be tested for water, and leak tests will be performed on storage tanks to ensure stable work on site.

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Nov 22

The screen is the most vulnerable part of the vibrating screen in drilling engineering work. The quality of the screen affects the efficiency of drilling operations and the cost of drilling engineering to a certain extent. Since its inception, GN Solids Control has been providing customers with high quality screens, providing distributors with long-term profitable business.

The screens produced by the GN Solids Control screen production line include almost all popular screens on the market:

1. GN Solids Control provides replacement screens for almost all of the well-known drilling fluid shaker brands in the drilling industry. For GN Solids Control’s RFQ, customers have several ways to get advice. Method 1, providing the brand and API number of the screen. Method 2, providing the original manufacturer part number of the screen. GN Solids Control sales staff will make recommendations based on the information provided.

2. GN Solids Control can provide screens with frame and hook stripes, which can be flat or wavy.

3. GN Solids Control now offers composite frame screens as more and more users prefer to use this type of screen. This type of screen extends the life of the screen and is easy to store.

GN Solids Control is the only manufacturer of drilling mud screens with a complete API series of screens that have been tested by authorized third parties and have declared API pass rates in accordance with API RP 13C.

1. GN Solids Control uses a robot to weld the internal steel frame to ensure consistent quality.

2. The plastic material covered by the outer layer is 100% new and clean and not recycled.

3. GN Solids Control screen uses 3-layer design for API 60

4. The wire mesh makes the surface of the screen stronger.

5. If less than 10% of the screen is broken, the screened rubber plug can be used to repair the broken screen.

The drilling fluid shaker is the first stage of drilling mud separation. Qualified and efficient vibrating screens not only reduce drilling costs, but also reduce the load on subsequent equipment in the mud recovery system.

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Oct 29

Last week, a batch of vertical cutting dryers and centrifuges were commissioned at the first GN Solids Control plant and shipped to a large mud service company in Russia. Vertical cuttings dryers and settling centrifuges are among the key equipment in oil drilling mud service engineering.

The vertical cuttings dryer is a separation device primarily used in drilling cuttings processing systems. The cuttings discharged from the shale shaker of the solid control system can be transported to the cuttings drying device for further processing to recover more drilling fluid.

The GN Solids Control vertical cuttings dryer has the following features:

The mesh size of the device is available in 250, 350 and 500 micron sizes for different separation sizes.

The air knife system prevents material blockage during operation.

The exclusive drain ring rinsing system prevents fine solids from depositing inside the unit.

The lubricating oil pump is interlocked with the main motor to ensure smooth running of the bearing.

The vertical cuttings dryer can be used for further processing of OWM and SWM mud cuttings. After treatment by the dryer, the cuttings oil content can be less than 5%.

In the mud service industry, decanter centrifuges have a wide range of applications. First, it can be used for barite recovery and separation of ultrafine solids in drilling fluid solids control systems. Second, the liquid phase discharged from the vertical cuttings dryer will be pumped to a decanter centrifuge for further solid-liquid separation to recover more drilling fluid. The sedimentation centrifuge is an important device to maintain the performance of the drilling fluid.

The GN Solids Control centrifuge has the following features:

Drum diameters are available in 9, 14, 18, 22, 25 and 30 inches.

The drum material is made of 2304 duplex stainless steel.

Centrifugal casting technology makes the drum material distribution more dense during the manufacturing process of the drum to achieve better dynamic balance.

The screw thruster and the slag discharge port are protected by tungsten carbide bushings, which have long working hours and small maintenance.

The programmable controller and variable frequency speed control system can meet the higher intelligent requirements of customers.

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Oct 27

The shale shaker is one of the main core equipment of the drilling mud solid control system. Recently, GN Solids Control received a batch of shale shaker orders from customers in Indonesia. After careful production and inspection, the shale shaker is now ready for shipment.

The GN Solids Control GNZS series shale shaker is the first stage of mud purification separation equipment in the mud system, and its importance is self-evident. The performance of the shale shaker will largely determine the mud purification performance and results of the complete solid control system.

In the design and manufacture of the GNZS shale shaker, we not only fully considered the working stability of the shale shaker, but also put a lot of effort into the ease of maintenance of the equipment.

First, the GN Solids Control shale shaker are all heat treated to withstand up to 8 G excitation forces.

Secondly, in order to ensure the good sealing performance of the shale shaker, GN Solids Control adopts U-groove at the bottom of the screen box and embedded rubber sealing technology. Not only makes the sealing effect better, but also makes the replacement of the sealing rubber more convenient.

GN Solids Control has developed three shale shaker to quickly change screens. Wedges, ratchet wedges and quick-press structures. Customers can choose which screen to press according to their own preferences.

In addition to the process of quickly changing screens, GN Solids Control has also improved the damping rubber springs, so that the steel springs and rubber bushings are firmly combined, which not only improves the safety of the equipment, but also further reduces the wearing parts. quantity.

GN Solids Control shale shaker are primarily used for the purification of drilling mud. GN Solids Control shale shaker are widely used in oil drilling, trenchless and drilling waste management projects by replacing different types of models.

In order to achieve better mud purification, GN Solids Control technicians have also developed vacuum systems. The device can be connected to the last screen of the shaker. All GN Solids Control shakers are compatible with the installation of this vacuum screen system.

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