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NOV(National Oilwell Varco)Nov Brandt Solids Control Division Is very famous around the world.

NOV Brandt provides solids control and waste management products and services to the oil and gas industry. NOV Brandt has been a provider of solids control products and services since 1974. NOV Brandt’s Quality Management System is ISO 9001-2000 certified. NOV Brandt operates a global network of sales, service, manufacturing, distribution and waste treatment facilities.

GN Solids Control Is a China based Solids Control equipments manufacturer,we also offer worldwide sales and services.

1 of 10 complete  China Drilling fluids Processing system manufacturer.

Solids Control is one of the most important phases of the drilling process. The primary reason for using mechanical solids control equipment is to remove detrimental drilled solids from the mud system. Mechanical separation of drilled solids is achieved via screen separation and/or accelerated g-force.

Nov Brandt  division Shale Shaker King Cobra

Brandt shale shaker

Brandt shale shaker

Brandt Solids Control Equipments are selling very well in main oilfield contries and areas.You’ll see NOV brandt solids Control equipments operating in Russian oilfield,UAE (United Arab Emirates),Middle East,Iraq,Iran,Qatar Rial etc.

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28 Responses to “Brandt Solids Control Division”

  1. 1. Justin Carbaugh Says:

    I was wondering if you were hiring for any solids control positions? I currently am working in Pa for a solids control company and would like to leave this miserable state. I am from Colorado and thats were I started working solids originally. Please let me know.

  2. 2. salhi Says:

    good aftrenoo; i inquire that the mud cleaner brandt 16-4 have this technical specification: each 4″ cone to process 80GPM.each cone separation to be between 12and 74 micro . screen open area of 33.2 sqft. Gforce(7.0).adjustable angle while drilling -1 to+5 degree

  3. 3. Besong Enokpen Denis Says:

    I am Euroil’s drilling site Mud man. On site I work with the service company mud engineer to ensure that all mud chemical checks and other related activities are done as per the procedure outlined and to specifications. I also work with BRANDT engineers in the solid control department. From my interaction with the two teams (MI-SWACO and BRANDT) I realised that my interest is more on BRANDT than MI-SWACO services and hence my resolve to sought employment with BRANDT.

  4. 4. Jefferey Barron Says:

    I would like to know where I can submit my resume’ ?

  5. 5. kingley Says:

    i am currently working for soild control company in nigeria as an electrician. i hv worked wit {derrick equipments}and mv manitovani and vicentini{now mi swaco} my dreams is to work for Nov brandt. how do i go about this?

  6. 6. khalid Says:

    currently i am working with decs group (mother company of alamia oil services) in libya as an maintenance and operation for mud tanks and solid control equipment (brandt,derrick,brodbent,kim tron) my goal is to work with nov brandt in uae please help me to get it.

  7. 7. jaime Says:

    muy bueno el equipo de control de solidos pero pesimo el ambiente y la paga esta miserable me darisa el compañero q sueña con estar algun dia en brandt yo te diria kedate ahi para mi swaco es lo mejor en paga y yolc lo mas seguro no van a publicar este comentario y trabaje en veracruz pero q lastima q sean tan negreros y culeros empezando por los jefes y sus secuaces!!!

  8. 8. el grillo Says:

    mala experiencia en compañia brandt no se como otros kieren entrar no saven ni lo q dicen jajaja hay mejores lugares de trabajo compañeros busken no se cieguen!!

  9. 9. Samuel Che Says:

    I am a solids control technician working for Mi swaco cameroon. I have been around people who speak very highly about Brandt solids control equipment. I leared they are planning operations in cameroon. Will it not be a priviledge to be one of the pioneer Brandt solids control engineers in Cameroon. Please Where do i send y resumé?

  10. 10. aaron Says:

    i have a few used shaker screens off of a king cobra shaker and was wondering if you guys recycle and reuse them i live in red deer ab,canada

  11. 11. Tom Says:

    also to answer your question aaron… if they are used shaker screens … nov will have absolutely no interest in getting them returned… they sell them to the rig… once the rig has used them… nov has no part in what is done with them, nor do they recycle them… in the dump they go… so they can sell another 1200$ set of screens per shaker 😉

  12. 12. eddy juntak Says:

    i have work as solid control engineer and i have been looking jobs for solid control company…

  13. 13. aymen Says:

    I would like to know where I can submit my resume??

  14. 14. james Says:

    I would like to know where I can submit my resume?
    and now i am at M-I SWACO as ES Engineer

  15. 15. Steve Barr Says:

    Can you send me the e-mail address to get in touch with ops manager about a job in solids control for NOV BRANDT.I have been working for FRANKS casing in Angola, but I would like a career change, many thanks.

  16. 16. Pichapan Jareonsuk Says:

    How can I apply jobs with GE.?

  17. 17. Pichapan Jareonsuk Says:

    Can I apply for job with Brandt?

  18. 18. Scott cove lens Says:

    I’m interested in working for nov offshore in the solids control division I would be a great asset to the company I currently work for peak energy / clean harbors as a fluids recovery specialist / solids tech trainer

  19. 19. Muhammad imran Says:

    can i apply for job in Brandt. now i m working with weatherford.

  20. 20. khan Says:

    i am working with solid control company since from 2 year and i want to join nov brandt dubai,oman ,mascat etc pleaze help me out…

  21. 21. mary Says:

    where do i submit my cv in ghana

  22. 22. jorge alberto cruz martinez Says:

    brandt mexico Villahermosa nos pagan un pésimo salario camper en mal estado los supervisores no tienen conocimiento de lo que es realmente control de solidos el c.jose luis Vicencio rojas actua de una forma tirana al personal ya que si le ase uno el reclamo de como estamos en pozo en las malas condiciones solo los despide por pedir mejoras a nosotros

  23. 23. jorge alberto cruz martinez Says:

    ami en lo particular me despidió sin desir motivo de la separación de brandt

  24. 24. Floyd Lemon Says:

    Hi, I have been doing solids for over four years. I am interested in moving out west from the PA and OH area. Would like to know of any job openings. Thanks, Floyd.

  25. 25. Malachy Onwuakpa M Says:

    Hi, I have been doing solids control and waste management job l for over ten years. I am interested in joining Nov Brandt. Would like to know of any job openings. Thanks, Malachy

  26. 26. Mladen Mikuldas Says:

    I’m intrested in working for NOV in Solids Control Division .
    I would be a great asset to the company. I was working for MI SWACO Equatorial Guinea like ES Engineer ( supervisor leader ) until last month but as no more job for me and for many other people they sent me home so please if you can help me and if you have any job for me please let me know.
    Thanks in advance .

  27. 27. Neville Degracia Says:

    Great article!


    I am not rattling great with English but I get hold this really easygoing to read .

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