Brandt HS-3400 centrifuge VS GNLW363VFD centrifuge

Brandt HS-3400 centrifuge is used to process unweighted and weighted, water-based and oil based drilling fluids(mud). Here we made a comparison between Brandt HS-3400 centrifuge and GNLW363VFD centrifuge.

GNLW363VFD decanter centrifuge

GNLW363VFD decanter centrifuge

What is the difference and specs in common?

Model Brandt HS-3400FEVSD GNLW363VFD centrifuge
length 124in(3150mm) 117inch(2970mm)
width 69in(1753mm) 59inch(1499mm)
height 59inch(1499mm) 68inch(1727mm)
Weight 7606lb(3453kg) 6613lb(3000kg)
Bowl diameter 14inch(356mm) 14inch(356mm)
Bowl length 49.5in(1257mm) 49.5in(1257mm)
Maximum bowl speed 4000rpm 3900rpm
Typecal bowl speed 2900rpm 2800rpm
Max processing capacity 200gal/min(757lit/min) 176gal/min
Drive type Variable frequency drive(VFD) Variable frequency drive(VFD)
Max G-force 3180 3000
Gear box ratio 52:1 39:1
Gear box type Two stage, planetary Two stage, planetary
Main drive motor 40HP(30KW) 40HP(30KW)
Back drive motor 25HP(19KW) 10HP(7.5KW)

From the comparison, there is little difference between Brandt HS-3400 centrifuge and GNLW363VFD centrifuge.Now we also provide PLC control VFD control panel for the centrifuge, and it has been widely used in more than 50 countries in the world. Welcome to inquiry GNLW363 centrifuge from GN solids control.


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