ATEX decanter centrifuge to Europe

Last week GN solids control shipped a unit of decanter centrifuge and feeding pump to Europe. Our equipments can meet the requirement of the clients who need high quality and more strict operation status.

bowl decanter

bowl decanter

The bowl decanter can meet the following features:

1 Electric motor and control panel are explosion proof and have ATEX certificate.

2 The decanter centrifuge can work both in 400V/50HZ and 440V/60HZ. When you finished the drilling operation in one site, you can only change pulley belts to use it in different electric ratings.

3 The control panel utilized in zone 1,exp standard is Eex deⅡBT6.

4 The centrifuge used in ATEX EX zone 2(CAT 3G), TEMP T3 hazardous area.

5 Erosion affected area to be protected with abrasion protection –Tungsten Carbide coated stainless steel parts.

6 Include a signal line, with equipment fitted for a local/remote switch and a signal stating to the remote locatation(SPDT contact) LOCAL status which shall block any remote functionality and a similar stating remote status which likewise shall block any local actions.

7 Nominal treating capacity is 40m3/h,actual treating capacity is 30m3/h.

8 The max rotary speed can reach 3200rpm in 60HZ.

9 Painting: NORSOK M-501

10 Feeding pump is also possible to change the belt and pulleys on unit to suit a dual frequency motor .

If you need high quality decanter centrifuge and you have more strict regulation on operation, Pls contact GN solids control for consultant.


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