Solid liquid separation centrifuge in Colombia

Last week we shipped another set of decanter centrifuge to South America. GN solids control is a new star for South America market, there are several sets of centrifuge working in site in Colombia. Our improved high speed centrifuge GLW360x1250 has been proved in good performance in solids liquid separation.

solid liquid separation centrifuge

solid liquid separation centrifuge

GN improved decanter centrifuge has the following features:

G-force 2035G, separation point 2~5μm, differential torque 4000N/m max, bowl speed( during working) 3200rpm, differential ratio 57:1.


The bowl has a cylindrical/conical shape and rotates at a pre-set speed optimal for the application. The slurry rotates with a different scroll design or by modifying an existing scroll. Scroll pitch and single or multiple flight configurations are important design variables.


The scroll rotates at a slightly different speed than the bowl and conveys the deposited solids toward the conical end of the bowl.

Materials of construction

GN solids control uses high-quality stainless steel for all wetted areas. Bowl and scroll castings are made from centrifugal cast high strength and corrosion resistant stainless steel.

We have sold many solids control equipments to South America, especially in Colombia, and we have spare parts in stock so clients do not need to worry about the maintenance. GN decanter centrifuge with merits of easy operation and maintenance, competitive price, good separation effect, longer service life, safety, if you have projects of drilling waste management, onshore drilling, dewatering unit, decanter centrifuge and shale shaker produced by GN solids control will be your best choice, it will increase your profit.


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