American customers order mud purification systems to ship soon

The GN Solids Control mud purification system is widely used in solid-liquid separation conditions for various mud-water wastes. The waste mixture is separated to form useful materials. GN Solids Control recently received a customer from North America whose main business is the use of vacuum trucks to collect various waste mud and solid waste at drilling or construction sites. This customer asked GN Solids Control to design and manufacture a mud-water separation system that meets his site conditions.

The picture above shows the core equipment in the mud cleaning system designed and manufactured after we inspected and combined with the actual production environment of the customer. This system fully considers the site area, the feeding method and the convenience of the processing procedure.

In this mud-water separation system, fine particle solids are separated by a shale shaker device with a fine screen. For solids smaller than 100 microns, use a hydrocyclone to separate them. At the beginning of the design, this system was fully integrated with human factors engineering. The drilling fluid shaker and cyclone part were covered by enclosures. Not only protect working parts and prevent mud from spraying to pollute equipment, but also fully consider and ensure the safety and convenience of operators.

For ultra-fine particulate solids in mud, the system will use a decanter centrifuge system and a chemical dosing system for separation.

The purpose of the mud cleaning system is to separate solid waste from the mud as much as possible. Aiming at the mud produced by the hydraulic excavation project, the mud cleaning system can recycle the beneficial liquid-phase mud, and the separated gravel and sand can be used to make building materials.

We also have a large number of related cases and products for customers to choose from. If you have related requirements, please feel free to contact GN Solids Control.

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