Mud solid control recovery system plays a huge role in directional crossing job

 With the increasing improvement of horizontal directional crossing technology and the increasingly strict requirements of the state on environmental protection policies, the horizontal directional crossing solid control system also has higher requirements. Horizontal directional crossing of solid control equipment is mainly reflected in the obstacles such as oil and gas pipelines crossing rivers, lakes, transportation trunks, and railway junctions. There are also a variety of separation techniques for the principle and technical method of horizontally directional crossing solid control to control the solid particles in the mud.

Environmental protection is a sensitive topic for us for a long time. Because the horizontal directional drilling mud contains many harmful substances and is of high value, the recovery of mud in the horizontal directional crossing system is the primary requirement of the owner for the construction. Construction units of horizontal directional crossing have purchased mud solid phase control equipment one after another to separate the waste solid phase and reuse it, turning waste into treasure, and have achieved considerable economic benefits. At the same time, it has also promoted the development of domestic horizontal directional through mud solid control system.

Horizontal directional crossing has not been developed in China or even the world for a long time. It does not have its own perfect system in drilling and mud. At present, it is largely absorbed and applied after the improvement of the oilfield process system. At the domestic level, the solid-phase separation method of directional through mud is somewhat similar to that of oil fields. There are mainly three methods of dilution, sedimentation and mechanical removal. GN Solids Control analyzes the difference between horizontal directional crossing mud and petroleum drilling mud, conducts detailed analysis and conducts a lot of field research and experiments. The successful R & D is in addition to the horizontal directional crossing solid control system specially designed for horizontal directional through mud. The main equipment includes shale shaker, centrifuge, and supporting pump system

At present, the horizontal directional through mud solid control and recovery system used in China is divided into domestic and imported, and the imports are mainly small, and they are matched with the rig when imported. The domestic ones are mainly large-scale and are prepared according to user needs.

According to different construction environments, the types and sizes of particles that need to be removed or suppressed, and the quality requirements of muds that need to be maintained are different. GN Solids Control can configure a reasonable and reliable solid control system for customers according to the actual working environment needs and combined with the company’s previous successful cases.

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