3”Mud gun for sale

GN solids control manufacture 2” mud gun and 3” mud gun, and we have several sets of mud guns in stock.

There are 2 type of mud guns, the common one is top tank type, sometimes we design it as bottom tank type. Top tank mud gun is controlled by staff on the tank, the difference between GN mud gun and NOV mud gun is the nozzle numbers, we make to 3 nozzle numbers, which can jet more place in the tank so the agitating effect can be better.

3 inch mud gun

3 inch mud gun

What is the difference between tank top and tank bottom mud gun?1 tank top mud gun

 Tank top mud gun is usually with function of agitating, together with mud agitator, they are important equipments for drilling mud tank and mud mixing tank. And how many sets of agitator you have for the mud mixing tank, usually how many mud guns you have. But it also have exception, for example, when the tank room is very small, you have no room for the agitator, and the tank is not so large, you can use a mud gun instead, it is much cheaper, needs smaller area to install and convenient to operate, also do not need to use electric power, but use pressure to work, and you do not need to buy a lot of spare parts such as gear box, bearings for the mud agitator. Anyway mud gun has a lot of advantages but it can not replace mud agitator totally, the agitating effect is not so strong as agitator. We need to use them together to benefit from both of them.

2 Tank bottom mud gun

Tank bottom mud gun also called inner tank mud gun, its function usually not agitating, but transferring and mixing line. It transfers the mud from mud mixing tank to another tank.

Where is the pressure come from ?

For high pressure mud gun, the pressure came from mud pump, for lower pressure mud gun, the pressure came from mixing pump, it can mix and transfer drilling mud to another tank.

At present, GN can produce 2” and 3” mud gun, both of them with 3 nozzles, it can be made into manual rotary type or fixed type, it is optional. And we will choose high pressure mud gun or low pressure mud gun according to the actual situation of client’s.

For example, oilfield drilling mud solids control system usually use high pressure mud gun with high pressure gate valves. The HDD mud recycling system can use a low pressure mud gun which is much cheaper.

If you are interested in GN mud gun, pls contact us freely.

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