1500m drilling rig equipments in Turkey

GN solids control provides solids control system for 1500m drilling rig, also for 2000m, 3000m, 4000m, 5000m, 7000m drilling rigs. Last month we shipped 1 set of 4000m drilling rig solids control equipments to Turkey.

drilling rig mud cleaner

drilling rig mud cleaner

Now we have already Exclusive agent in Turkey, we produce mud tanks there and ship the solids control equipments from GN factory, and assembly them in Turkey. It will save considerable transportation cost of mud tank and fast the delivery time a lot. The clients in Turkey and Turkey neighborhood, such as Iran, Syria, Dubai, Egypt, Iraq, etc. countries, will benefit from this convenience.

1500m drilling rigs are used to explore middle deep oil and coal-bed methane. They have characteristics of simple structure and easy operation. There are four types of this rig: ZJ15,ZJ15DJ ,ZJ15DZ,ZJ15DB.

The1500m drilling rig has a parallelogram substructure and a telescoping mast. The mast is raised by cylinders and expanded or contracted with wireline, 1 500kW AC frequency converting motor is used to drive the drum shaft of the drawworks through the counter shaft and the roller chain. The drawworks has two gear shifts—high speed and low speed. The gear shifting is made by using the push-disc type clutch. The main brake is the hydraulic disc brake. The rotary table is connected to the drawworks with the chain and driven by the drawworks. The closed chain compound case uses the fully forced splash lubrication. The auxiliary brake is FDWS-15 air-cooling electromagnetic eddy current brake.

Petson is a local company in Turkey who can provides the complete solution for drilling rig package, including drilling rig (mobile rig), mud pump, solids control system, well control equipments, generators, etc. They have a big yard and capability to assembly the complete drilling rig package and ship to drilling site, especially in middle east. They have rich experience in oilfield drilling industry and during these years, they get good reputation and always keep good relationship with many drilling service companies.

If you want to get professional solution, fast response and best transportation cost in Turkey and middle east, pls contact GN solids control or GN exclusive agent in Turkey.

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