GN Solids Control has two vertical drill chip dryer systems for customers in Xinjiang

The drilling and drying system is a major component of the closed loop system for drilling fluid treatment. It recovers as much of the drilling fluid as possible by handling the cuttings with high humidity. This week, GN Solids Control completed the manufacture of two vertical drill chip dryer systems and will ship them to Xinjiang customers soon.

Oil-based drilling cuttings are mostly treated with vertical drying systems. The entire system consists mainly of a cuttings drying module and a fine particle removal module. Each module has a critical core device.

Cuttings drying module

The vertical cutting dryer is the key equipment for the drying module. Usually, the cuttings are fed into a cuttings drying device. Under the action of centrifugal force, the oil will be separated from the cuttings and passed through the sieve holes into the collection tank in the drying device. The dry screen has an opening size of 250, 350 and 500 microns and can be used for different sizes of cuttings drying. The GN Solids Control cuttings dryer is equipped with a flushing system and an air knife system for cleaning the mud collecting tank and the screen to avoid clogging.

Fine particle removal module

The high specific gravity mud purification centrifuge is the key equipment of this module. The liquid effluent from the dryer will be pumped to a high specific gravity mud purification centrifuge for further processing to remove fines from the drilling fluid. In order to ensure the performance of the centrifuge, GN Solids Control takes into account the high-speed operation, the protection of wearing parts and the use of materials in the manufacturing process. Long-term operation and less maintenance ensure the efficiency and economic benefits of the equipment.

In drill cutting systems, mud tanks are used to install equipment and collect and store drilling fluids. The chips entering the dryer from the drying device and the centrifuge can be conveyed by a screw conveyor device, which is a conveying device widely used for conveying solid phase materials.

For more information on the Vertical Drill Dryer System, please feel free to contact GN solids control

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